StructShare + Autodesk streamlines purchasing and materials management with Autodesk Construction Cloud.

StructShare’s integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud allows customers to manage their materials and the rest of their project in concert, leading informed decision making that can translate to positive project outcomes such as time and money savings.


StructShare Materials Management platform and mobile app replaces error-prone, email-based purchasing workflows with a cloud solution designed specifically for specialty contractors.


Add the StructShare Partner Card to your BIM 360 or Autodesk Build Project Home dashboard by following these steps.


StructShare streamlines the entire purchasing cycle from field request and PO, through deliveries and invoices while providing real-time data of budget, inventory, and costs.

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Software purpose built for specialty trade contractors.

5 Stars

“Best PO management system for the construction industry.”

“Overall we are very happy with this product. It has come a long way since its startup. They keep on approving based on customer reviews and making it more user-friendly to suit our needs.”

Pesach K. | Project Manager

5 Stars

“It has field buy-in”

“Great support team and the product does what it is supposed to do. It really saves a LOT of headaches when trying to do procurement correctly.  It groups everything together easily and the field actually uses it.”

Sean B. | Senior Project Manager

5 Stars

“Keeps things organized and saves us actual $$$”

“Customer service is GREAT and from the many apps and programs we use we came to learn that customer service is the most important.  Structshare has a good development team, but their customer service is top.

Tuli F. | IT Manager

These contractors save over $100K a year using our digital procurement software.

Electrical - Plumbing - HVAC - Mechanical - Concrete - Framing - Drywall - Roofing.

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