The #1 materials management app in construction.

  • Instant field ordering and PO processing
  • 100% automated invoice reconciliation
  • Seamless budget and inventory tracking

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Integrations you can rely on with StructShare

StructShare is built to sync with your existing accounting and purchasing workflows.

Customers See Higher ROI

Capturing building material costs in the field increases the accuracy of project cost data and helps contractors manage project profitability.


Less Manual Entry

Increase accuracy and stakeholder communication.

Faster Request to Delivery

Improve purchase order and invoice approval cycles.

Increased Savings

Save on labor, manual data entry, delays, errors, and pricing optimnization.


“The fastest value I ever got.  Processing a PO used to take me 4 hours, now it’s the click of a button, and BOOM!”

Jimmy Edmonds, Operations Manager

Hargrave Electric, TX