ConTech Crew Podcast Recap
April 27, 2021
The Contech Crew Podcast

The team at StructShare was proud to see Or Lakritz appear on a recent episode of the ConTech Crew Podcast, hosted by James Benham and Rob McKinney to discuss his background, how he came to help start StructShare, and his thoughts on innovation.

The ConTech Crew Podcast Episode #253 featured Or Lakritz, who is the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). Or is a long-time technology enthusiast who is the co-founder of StructShare and worked with several technology companies in the past.

The Crew discussed the Or’s background from serving in the Special Forces for Israel, his skills at problem solving, and his studies in Psychology and Computer Science. He studied Psychology to help develop his problem solving skills, learn how to ask better questions to solve problems, and how to apply what you have learned into coding a better software option.

Digital Transformation

Or was looking for an industry that he could use his skills to participate in a digital transformation. He met Arik Davidi while working in New York and the two founded StructShare to help Self Performing Contractors digitize the field Purchase Order process. The mission that Or and Arik are working on is to digitize a traditionally very paper based workflow to order materials from the field and reconcile the delivery of materials to the project site.

What is Digital Purchasing?

While working as a Contractor, Arik felt the pain of manually generating, tracking and managing Purchase Orders. Digital purchasing is easy from a mobile application that syncs with preferred suppliers to select the date, materials and quantities needed. Orders are then submitted and quickly approved by the back-office team with delivery status updates up until the materials arrive to be confirmed on the jobsite.

Wrap up

This was excellent discussion about the use case of technology in the construction industry, and how Trade Contractors can improve moving forward this year!

We would love to have you join us for a chat about tech.

Let’s continue to bring the power of #DigitalPurchasing to the construction Trades!

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