StructShare to present at Contech Roadshow events showcasing the construction industry’s #1 materials management software.
August 12, 2021

About Contech Roadshow Events

The Contech Raodshow serices of events brings together construction professionals for networking, educational sessions, and interactive tech demos.

  • Help your company stay ahead of the tech game with educational sessions led by industry experts.
  • Meet, connect and learn with construction industry professionals building in your area of work.
  • Demo the latest construction technology including wearables, drones and more to experience the future of AEC innovation.


Contech Roadshow brings together a veritable who’s who of technology companies from across the construction insustry.

Who Attends Contech Roadshow Events

No matter your role in construction, you’ll learn about the technology you should explore to improve your company’s projects. We’ll cover topics ranging from R&D budgets to mobile data security and BIM.

5 Tips for Effective Materials Management

5 Tips for Effective Materials Management

Ineffective construction materials management can result in high costs and delays in project completion. In addition, such cost inefficiencies negatively impact the subcontractors’ competitiveness and stumps organizations trying to streamline work processes for their...