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5 Stars

"With StructShare, it's all in one place"

“From the beginning we knew this was gonna be easier... [StructShare] saves everyone involved time and money so we can focus on doing our best work and growing our business.”

Shaya Weinberger | Office Program Manager

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5 Stars

“StructShare is customer focused and it’s noticeable”

“The StructShare database is all about organization. All systems are pieces of the same puzzle and now they are all in sync. StructShare’s integration with Procore continues to be a wonderful asset for our way of working.”

Patrick Hauser | President

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5 Stars

"We have a diverse field team & they have all found StructShare easy”

“When looking for a tech partner I looked for someone that would adapt to my needs, not make me adapt to their product, and StructShare has been really good about that and I’ve appreciated it.” 

Brian Hargrave | President 

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