These contractors save over $100K a year using our digital procurement software.

Trusted by All Trades: Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Fire Protection, Concrete, Drywall, Roofing, Masonry, Flooring, Framing and more


These contractors save over $100K a year using our digital procurement software.

Electrical – Plumbing – HVAC – Mechanical – Concrete – Framing – Drywall – Roofing.

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Materials Suppliers

Instant Field Ordering & PO Processing

Instant field ordering allows field teams to request PO’s for approval and drives real-time collaboration with procurement and accounting.  Upload supplier catalogs and simultaneously submit RFQ’s to multiple suppliers.

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Materials Suppliers
Actual v Budget Material Cost

Track Costs by Project

Improve job cost accuracy with seamless budget and inventory tracking.  Track building material costs by project phase and cost code.  Get real-time visibility on inventory and budgets at a glance with project expense dashboards.

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Actual v Budget Material Cost
Jobcost Accounting

100% Automated Invoice Reconciliation

Stop chasing PO’s and invoices!  StructShare helps accounting teams capture building material costs in the field from order request to itemized receiving and dramatically improves the accuracy of financial reporting.


Zero-touch invoice upload


Automatic three-way matching between PO, invoice & delivery


Track material delivery & get automated discrepancy alerts

Core Features

Finally, all material workflows within one simple platform!  Purchasing and material management, connecting the entire material operations lifecycle in a single easy app.

Foreman | PM Mobile App

Foreman | PM Mobile App

  • Preloaded item data base & supplier catalog
  • Search-based and free text item selection
  • Real-time notifications, office and supplier chat
Invoice Reconciliation

Invoice Reconciliation

  • Automatic invoice upload
  • 3-way matching — PO | Invoice | Receiving
  • Collaborative invoice approval including chats
Purchase Order Management

Purchase Order Management

  • Multi-level approval flows
  • Single click processing including pricing
  • Clean, professional PO documents
Accounting Integrations

Accounting Integrations

  • Sync project material costs with your GL
  • Real-time dashboard and reports
  • Digital payments
Order Delivery Validation

Order Delivery Validation

  • PO Group chats – office | field | supplier
  • Mobile delivery capture and past-due alerts 
  • Shared updates for field, office and suppliers
Project Cost Tracking

Project Cost Tracking

  • Project budget tracking and breakdown
  • Line-item purchasing history
  • Real-time expense dashboard by project

Integrations you can rely on with StructShare

StructShare is built to sync with your existing accounting and purchasing workflows.

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Customers See Higher ROI

Capturing building material costs in the field increases the accuracy of project cost data and helps contractors manage project profitability.


Less Manual Entry

Increase accuracy and stakeholder communication.


Faster Request to Delivery

Improve purchase order and invoice approval cycles.


Increased Savings

Save on labor, manual data entry, delays, errors, and pricing optimization.

"We have a diverse field team and they have all found StructShare easy.”

“StructShare is customer focused and it’s noticeable.”

"It's simple software that does exactly what we wanted to do.”