About StructShare Material Management Software

Our Mission

Materials procurement has been an ongoing challenge for specialty contractors to manage. We started StructShare to enhance this critical process designed for the field and office to work seamlessly together. More efficient purchasing and operations is in our DNA.


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Material Management Software

Our people are our priority

Passionate, experienced, focused on subs, and results driven.


Our team are passionate about empowering subcontractors to improve construction.


Our trade technical expertise is guided by our team members that worked on jobsites.

Focused on Trades

Our technology is purpose-built to help contractors maximize profit on every project.

Results Driven

With a focus on results we are a leader in customer satisfaction and usability.

Materials are the backbone of every job.

The founders of StructShare bring 40 years of construction experience to helping trade contractors reduce labor & costs in a single software platform and app to manage entire material operations.

We designed easy to use, start and affordable software the office and field love to use – Its easy, but brings a substantial ROI.

Purpose-Built for Trades

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