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What's New in StructShare? May 2024

We are continually striving to provide you with the best tools to ace your procurement and material management needs. We are excited to announce our latest releases that will empower you to improve processes, standardize workflows, and maximize efficiency.

StructShare is a purpose-built and customer-focused company and we are thrilled to be on this journey with you!

New Features:

Supplier Communication: Aggregate Items on PDF - You now have the ability to aggregate similar items on the PO PDF. For users who order the same item, multiple times, on a single purchase order and differentiate the item by' Phase', 'Floor', or 'Area', you can now aggregate these line items on the PO PDF that is sent to your suppliers. When you check the 'Merge identical items in the supplier PDF and Emails' setting in 'System Settings', StructShare will merge identical items and aggregate the quantities of those identical items on the PDF and the external emails that are sent to the supplier. Internal communication, such as the Field Request email, will not be aggregated.

The primary layer of matching is based on the below columns. If there is an identical item, StructShare will aggregate the item into one line.

  • Item Name
  • Unit
  • Price
  • Price by
  • Qty per Unit
  • Tax
  • Discount
  • Manufacturer
  • Model #
  • Spec #
  • SKU
  • UPC

The below columns are not part of the primary layer of matching and these fields can be different and StructShare will still allow for the item to be aggregated on external communication

  • Phase
  • Area
  • Floor
  • Cost Code
  • Category

When a match exists on a line item:

  • The 'Quantity' will be summed
  • The 'Total Price' will be summed
  • The 'Rental Days' will be summed
  • The 'Item Name', 'Unit' and 'Price' will be aggregated
Aggregate Lines on PDF (5) 

Project Settings: Prefix for PO Numbering - You now have the ability to set a default Prefix for PO numbers company wide via 'System Settings' and on a project by project basis via 'Project Settings'. This new setting allows you to have a Job Number, a PO Prefix and define where the PO numbering begins. Additionally, we added the ability to add leading zeros as part of the PO numbering. Please note that the character limit for the PO prefix both at the company and project level is 20 characters. Additionally, if you change the PO prefix in the 'System' or 'Project Settings', the new PO prefix will be applied to orders moving forward and will not affect orders that were previously created.

Case 1

  • Job Number = 1234
  • Job Number as Prefix = True
  • PO Prefix = StS
  • Count PO Per Project = True
  • Start PO Counting From = 001
  • The first PO for this project will be displayed as 1234-StS-001

Case 2

  • Job Number = 1234
  • Job Number as Prefix = False
  • PO Prefix = StS
  • Count PO Per Project = False
  • Start PO Counting from (System Setting) = 1000
  • The first PO for this project will be displayed as StS-10000

PO Prexix

Catalog Updates:

Associating Items by UPC - You can now easily associate items in your Supplier Catalog to an Item in the Items Database if both items have the same Item Name, Unit of Measure and a matching UPC.

When a Supplier is selected in a draft order or a field request, StructShare will match the item from the order to an item in the Supplier Catalog based on the below functionality:

UPC + Units

    • If the 'UPC' field is present, StructShare will check that the 'Units' match.

    • If the 'Units' field is a match, StructShare will populate the attributes of the item from the Supplier Catalog.

    • If empty, StructShare will look for the next criteria- Model # + Manufacturer + Units

      • If the 'Model #' is a match, StructShare will then check for the 'Manufacturer'.

      • If the 'Manufacturer' is a match, StructShare will then check for 'Units'.

      • If the 'Units'  are also a match, StructShare will populate the attributes of the item from the Supplier Catalog. 

    • If there is a match, the below attributes will populate:
      • Last price or Expected price.
      • If the 'Populate Company Catalog Price when Ordering from Supplier Catalogs' is checked in 'System Settings' StructShare will populate the price from the Company Catalog (Items Database) and not the 'Supplier Catalog'.
      • Discount (Net Price)
      • UPC
      • SKU
      • Manufacture
      • Model #

Supplier UPC

Special Characters, Model # and Manufacturer - You now have the ability to add special characters to the 'Model #' and 'Manufacturer' fields in the Items Database and Warehouses screen. The character limit for the 'Model #' field is 35 characters or less and the character limit for the 'Manufacturer' field is 30 characters or less.

CategoryeditBulk Edit Categories - We added the ability for you to edit Catalog Categories in bulk in the ‘Items Database’ screen. When you select more than one item in the ‘Items Database’ and select ‘Bulk Edit’ on the right hand side, you will see ‘Categories’ as an option to apply in bulk. This allows you to move multiple items into a Category or Subcategory with ease. Additionally, we adjusted the way you edit a single line item in the 'Items Database' screen making it easier to make changes on the fly and compare changes to other items.

Additionally, if you are utilizing the 'Category' feature, when you export your 'Items Database', the complete string of categories will now show in the 'Category' column in the export so you can easily make updates in bulk and then re-import your items into the same category.


User Permissions: 'Project Admin' - The 'Can View Project Pricing' permission has been renamed to 'Project Admin'. A user with the 'Project Admin' permission enabled has access to the project module and the ability to view PO pricing. Additionally, 'Project Admin' users can now view the RFQ tab, create and send RFQs, view the supplier submitted quotes, and select a supplier during a request but does not have the ability to generate a PO from the RFQ or send a request direct to a supplier.


RFQ Updates:

Add a Supplier - You now have the ability to add an additional supplier to an open RFQ. This will allow you to add additional suppliers to the same RFQ, compare bids and track the generated PO back to the original RFQ number.


Unit Size - We added the 'Price By' and the 'Quantity Per Unit' to the Supplier response screen when this information is included as an item attribute when generating an RFQ. This will ensure your suppliers are responding with pricing accurately based on the unit of measure you are requesting the material in. Additionally, this information will display in the 'View Bids' comparison screen.


rfq unit size

Project Updates:

Project Budget - With the recent addition of the 'Labor' column in the Project 'Budget' screen, 'Labor Cost' is now included as part of the 'Total Cost' column and therefore will play into the '%Used" column.


Respect BoM Order in Upload - StructShare will now keep the same order of items when uploading a list of items into a Project level BoM.

Order Creation: Edit 'Ship To' - You now have the ability to edit the 'Ship To' (ship through) on orders that have not yet been confirmed delivered. This will in turn send an email to the supplier with the updated delivery address.

Edit Ship To


ERP Integrations: Cost Codes - We updated the ERP Integrated Cost Code icon in the 'Accounting System' settings screen so you can easily differentiate Cost Codes that were manually added vs. imported with an ERP system.

Coming Soon- 'Accounting System' settings page redesign to enhance your user experience!


Rental PO, Beta: Updates - We made some updates to the 'Rental PO, Beta' feature:

  • We added the 'Price per Day' column to the 'Items Database'.
  • When creating a 'Rental PO, Beta' each line item acts as an individual rental item with a quantity of 1 and the rental period can be defined. Because of this, we now automatically populate the quantity of 1 for all line items on a Rental PO.
  • The 'Rental Days' field is now mandatory and must be populated to proceed with the Rental PO.
  • We Updated all 'Billed' columns according to the Rental Period. The 'Billed' column for Rental POs will now update according to the Price per Day by the Rental Period (e.g. billed rental days).

rental qty

ERP Integrations: QuickBooks Online, Beta - We are excited to announce that our QuickBooks Online Integration is live in Beta!

With this integration, you will be able to:

  • Seamlessly import and update Supplier and Project Data from QBO >> StructShare.
  • Automatically import Cost codes.
  • Sync PO data from StructShare >> QBO including PO edits,
  • Sync invoice data from StructShare >> QBO without exporting the IIF file to convert!

Coming Soon: 

  • ERP Integrations: Foundation and Spectrum
  • Transfer Orders
  • Updated PO UI
  • StructShare Analytics