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What's New in StructShare? March 2024

We are continually striving to provide you with the best tools to ace your procurement and material management needs. We are excited to announce our latest releases that will empower you to improve processes, standardize workflows, and maximize efficiency.

StructShare is a purpose-built and customer-focused company and we are thrilled to be on this journey with you!

New Features:

System Settings: Project Settings - We made the 'Project Settings' easier to configure. The fields are now collapsable and you can expand the area needed rather than having to scroll. We re-named the 'Project Settings' to 'Project Setup' and re-arranged the checkboxes. We added 'Project Phases' onto its own tab, separating StructShare Phases and Integrated Sub Jobs.

newproject settings

System Settings: Job Number PO Prefix - You now have the option to enable 'Add the ‘Job Number’ as a Prefix for the PO Number' at the company level which will automatically check the 'Prefix for PO' in 'Project Setup' as new projects are added into StructShare. *Current projects will still have their value as it was historically set.

This setting can be found under the 'Serial PO Counting Company-Wide across all Projects' as the 'Separate PO Counting Per Project with Job #' already includes the Job Number as the prefix to the PO.

Please note that when new projects are added or imported into StructShare, a job number will need to be defined when this setting is enabled to add a new project successfully.

Job Number Prefixprefixforpo

Order Creation: Warehouse Tax - You now have the ability to set a tax for your Warehouse (Ship To location) that will be applied to all POs shipping through the selected Warehouse. When you create an order in StructShare, you can ship the order through a Warehouse by changing the 'Ship To' location and still allocating the materials to the Project. If you have a project-specific tax set in 'Project Setup', (or tax set at the Company or Supplier level) the  associated tax is what was previously applied to the PO even if the Warehouse tax was different.

To add tax for a Warehouse location, navigate to the 'Warehouses' screen, select the Warehouse from the drop-down and click on the pencil icon to edit the 'PO Total Tax %' field. Don't forget to scroll down and 'Update' to save your changes. *Please note that this enhancement does not apply to customers using the 'Tax Codes Per Line Item' setting.


Order Creation: Warehouse Selection - Previously, when you created an order in StructShare with a Warehouse as your 'Project', the 'Ship To' field in the checkout screen read 'Jobsite'. We adjusted the verbiage so that when you place an order with a Warehouse as your 'Project', if you have the 'Default Delivery Address' in 'System Settings' set to 'Jobsite', it will now read 'Warehouse'. Additionally, if you create a PO with any Warehouse (that you have set up) as the Project, and in 'System Settings' you have your 'Default Delivery Address' set as any 'Warehouse', StructShare will automatically change your 'Ship To' to your 'Warehouse' (project) as we assume that an order for the Warehouse will not be shipping through another Warehouse.

warehouse ship to

Catalogs: Search by UPC - You can now search items by the UPC in your Items Database, Warehouses screen, Supplier Catalogs, Project level Bill of Materials and during order creation. We added 'UPC' to the placeholder text in the search bar in the screens where this functionality is available. This is one of many enhancements that will allow you to better utilize the UPC field in StructShare.


Invoicing: Show Digital PO in 3-Way, Invoice Matching Screen - We adjusted the PO view in the 3-way invoice matching screen so you can view all the PO details in a single glance and easily compare and approve the invoice based on the digital PO. When you click 'Approve', the billed quantities drawer will pop open and you can easily collapse the drawer to view the PO.

Single Invoice Sceensingle invoice screen approve

Labor Log Enhancements - We made some improvements to the 'Labor Log' order type. In updating this order type, we changed the verbiage of 'Cost Type' to 'Item Type'. You will now see 'Item Type' as an available column in the Items Database and project-level Bill of Material. Additionally, when you are creating your list, you can filter by 'Item Type'.

When you create a 'Labor Log' in StructShare, the project-level 'Bill of Material' will automatically filter items with the designated  item type 'Labor'. If you click on the funnel icon on the right-hand side, you can adjust the filters including showing 'None' which will show you all items without an 'Item Type' designated.

We also added a 'Labor Cost' column to the Project 'Budget' screen so you can track project material costs vs. labor. The 'PO Total' column is the sum of all order types (minus Labor Logs and RFQs), the 'Labor Cost' column is the sum of all 'Labor Log' costs and the 'Total Cost' column is the material total and labor total.

ItemType Filter


UI Enhancements:

We recently made some updates to our user interface. If you missed the previous blog post, you can follow the links below for more information on what changed.


Coming Soon:

  • Transfer Order
  • BoM + Catalogs Reference by UPC
  • Lot POs
  • Further UI Enhancements