Material purchasing reimagined.

Connect the field, office, warehouse, accounting, and suppliers, onto one web-based Desktop Platform and Mobile App.

These contractors save over $100K a year using our digital procurement software.

Electrical – Plumbing – HVAC – Mechanical – Concrete – Framing – Drywall – Roofing.

Track Costs by Project

Improve job cost accuracy with seamless budget and inventory tracking.  Track building material costs by project phase and cost code.  Get real-time visibility on inventory and budgets at a glance with project expense dashboards.

100% Automated Invoice Reconciliation

Stop chasing PO’s and invoices!  StructShare helps accounting teams capture building material costs in the field from order request to itemized receiving and dramatically improves the accuracy of financial reporting.


Zero-touch invoice upload


Automatic three-way matching between PO, invoice & delivery


Track material delivery & get automated discrepancy alerts

Instant Field Ordering & PO Processing

Instant field ordering allows field teams to request PO’s for approval and drives real-time collaboration with procurement and accounting.  Upload supplier catalogs and simultaneously submit RFQ’s to multiple suppliers.

Instant Field Ordering & PO Processing

Instant field ordering allows field teams to request PO’s for approval and drives real-time collaboration with procurement and accounting.  Upload supplier catalogs and simultaneously submit RFQ’s to multiple suppliers.

Finally, material purchasing and management has gone digital!

StructShare connects your entire procurement organization with an easy to use web-based desktop platform and Mobile App. KEEP MORE PROFIT on EVERY PROJECT! 

Reimagined purchasing workflows

Automation eliminating 50% of manual work 

One platform connecting disjointed material workflows for purchasing managers to drive automation and tracking in antiquated workflows. 

One-Click Requests, Approvals, Orders and Deliveries 

Find the best prices in the market by sending RFQs digitally while controlling the entire material purchasing process.

Enhance Supplier and Inventory performance 

Identify both trouble spots and top-performing suppliers to increase profit margins.



Designed for the field (and office).

Seamless mobile app requests and approvals:

Create requisitions with StructShare’s mobile ordering app enriched with your supplier’s materials.

Real-time order and delivery statuses:

Receive mobile alerts when material requests have been ordered, processed, enroute and delivered.

Direct communication with office and suppliers

Easy field quality control with direct communication to office, suppliers, and warehouse.



Keep materials and costs in check.


Control what happens during the entire project lifecycle

Customized lists and Mobile App that encompass BOMs, job-specific materials, and real-time inventory tracking. “Zero touch” tracking and deviation notifications.

Never lose track of material costs on your jobs

Real-time budget, spend and forecast on materials across every project.

Seamless matching budgeting to spend

Easily map orders to cost and phase completion throughout a project.



Easily reconcile invoices with automated 3-way matching.

Increase productivity by 70% & eliminate lost documents

Automatic three-way matching – PO/invoice/delivery and digitize all material documents.

Accurate PO data in your accounting system

Upload PO data into your accounting system using StructShare’s secure accounting integrations.

100% automated invoice reconciliation

Receive digital delivery receipts on every order to easily reconcile with POs and invoices.


4 Ways Electrical Contractors Can Improve Material Purchasing

Transitioning material purchasing to digital creates more profit on every job.

Save field labor and office time on materials

Increase profit margins across your projects and increase staff productivity across your business.

No IT resources needed to implement

Your workers are your most valuable business asset. StructShare’s web-based desktop platform and mobile app can be implemented in one day and make their jobs easier.

Get transparency on materials, vendors, projects

Advanced analytics and tracking and deviation alerts to management staff allow you to curb mistakes in real-time and optimize your organization’s materials process.



Improving the supply chain process between contractors and suppliers.

Manual workflows become a connected streamlined cycle

StructShare digitizes the entire ordering process from RFQ to delivery of goods on the jobsite. Get real-time visibility into suppliers’ inventories to mitigate material delays.

Streamline communication on orders and deliveries

If materials are damaged, one click in the Mobile App can instantly notify the supplier and resolution is underway. Get real-time visibility in the warehouse to avoid delays. 

Eliminate manual data entry

Save time and remove human error with real-time transparency between the office, warehouse, inventory and the jobsite crew requesting materials. 

Integrations you can rely on with StructShare

StructShare is built to sync with your existing accounting and purchasing workflows.

Customers See Higher ROI

Capturing building material costs in the field increases the accuracy of project cost data and helps contractors manage project profitability.


Less Manual Entry

Increase accuracy and stakeholder communication.

Faster Request to Delivery

Improve purchase order and invoice approval cycles.

Increased Savings

Save on labor, manual data entry, delays, errors, and pricing optimnization.

“The fastest value I ever got. Processing a PO used to take me 4 hours, now it’s the click of a button, and BOOM!”


Jimmy E. | Operations Manager

“Best PO management system for the construction industry.”


Pesach K. | Project Manager

“It groups everything together easily and the field actually uses it.”


Sean B. | Senior Project Manager

4 Ways Electrical Contractors Can Improve Material Purchasing

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