6 Reasons Why StructShare and Procore Make Materials Management Easy for Subs

Materials management and delivery are critical to any project's successful execution and completion in the construction industry. In the case of a small-to-large company, the person or team in charge of procuring or purchasing materials needs to ensure that the correct materials and quantities are ordered. In addition, verification of the release and delivery dates and product quality requires a strong partnership with the supplier.

Subcontractors are faced with other challenges, including bidding and timing challenges, storage and deliveries to the warehouse, and precision on specific jobsite locations. Avoiding these challenges requires exceptional coordination and communication between all stakeholders. In addition, the current state of material management practices is antiquated, and the use of affordable, easy-to-use technology that seamlessly integrates project management is critical. Finally, there's a solution to helping Subcontractors manage and purchase materials effectively and utilize that valuable data in the Procore Construction Management platform.   

How are StructShare and Procore are making materials management easy for subcontractors?

First, materials management and purchasing software like StructShare needs to address bid procurement, material procurement, and purchasing and facilitate the process through delivery to the warehouse and job site. Tracking materials is one of the biggest challenges many subcontractors face. Tracking identifies undelivered material as ordered or delayed. 

Tracking is also essential in determining what materials are available to minimize theft or loss, determine where it is stored on-site, and control inventory costs. In some instances, suppliers may deliver the materials that require returning. 

The integration between Materials Management software and Project Management gives the end-user 100% transparency with the cost of materials during and after projects are completed.

6 Reasons digital materials management connected to construction management software improves productivity and profitability 

From effective project planning to maintain your inventory and deliveries during the project, subcontractors need an easy tool to manage your construction materials with confidence and peace of mind using connected construction software. Connecting materials purchasing and construction management software offers transparency in viewing profitability and job costs.  

1. Better forecasting with better insights.

Improve production and create a more precise schedule by efficiently managing materials and their availability. In addition, users can boost forecasting by gaining better insight into projects with modern software systems like StructShare allows all your teams to stay on the same page from the office to the field and back again. Right at your fingertips, view project progress reports, and material usage in real-time, allowing you to immediately take action on challenges related to materials management to reduce costly mistakes. 

2. Accurate and accessible real-time data.

Materials storage, receipts, and supplier information become more visible with an automated system—leading to profitable decisions. Book a Demo of StructShare >

3. Improve delivery tracking & inventory management. 

StructShare creates real-time transparency on materials ordered, in progress, inventoried, delivered, and quality control checks. The guessing game is eliminated and gives you greater control of the entire process.  

Field teams utilize StructShare's mobile app to communicate with the back office, GC, and supplier on the status of materials arriving or needed on the jobsite--Connecting the Field and the Office.    

4. Turn manual processes into business growth.

Stop confusion caused by multiple emails, documents, spreadsheets and improve efficiency by using a system that allows easy tracking and visibility for everyone in real-time—store receipts, material planning, and pick up information in one place.

5. Streamlines materials management and tracking costs in real-time.

StructShare removes error-prone, email-based purchasing workflows with a cloud-based platform and mobile app purpose-built for subcontractors and streamlines the entire purchasing cycle from field requests, PO, deliveries, and invoices providing real-time budget, inventory, and costs. In addition, its integration with Procore enables subcontractors with a one-click set up of the StructShare app, syncing projects, users, vendors, and cost codes.


6. Seamless Integration with Procore Project Management

The StructShare integration with Procore is a natural fit for the trade construction ecosystem, streamlining and automating the entire material management cycle from field purchasing, office PO, and invoice approvals to real-time costs data being accurate in project management. In addition, the integration will connect StructShare's trade-designed solution to Procore, providing users automatic sync of POs, Invoices, and updates to Project Financials and their budget in Procore.

"StructShare aligns the critical materials procurement process with the needs of the field and the office, and their integration with Procore enables our mutual users to be more efficient in their purchasing," said Eric Tucker, Business Development Manager at Procore.

Automated Field Ordering and Invoice Workflows for joint customers  

With easy 1-click onboarding, StructShare and Procore's integration creates an automated purchasing workflow to allow Procore users to auto-sync POs and invoices --removing 100% manual entry, preventing errors, and providing full drill-down to line-item costs and insights, as well as material issues, and inventory. Procore users also have all material costs associated with projects right at their fingertips.

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