Capital Electric’s Transformation with StructShare's Purchasing and Material Management Platform

Capital Electric’s Transformation with StructShare's Purchasing and Material Management Platform

"StructShare is a game changer. Things that used to take over an hour to complete now can be handled in a couple of minutes.”

Capital Electric Inc., headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, and founded in 2003, caters to a diverse clientele spanning commercial and industrial electrical needs including data and fiber. With a workforce of dedicated individuals and an ever-expanding portfolio of projects, innovation and efficiency remain at the forefront of their operational strategies; however, like many thriving companies, they started encountering challenges related to their growth, especially in the realm of  purchasing and material management.

The Problem

As the demands of their projects increased, Capital Electric's traditional purchasing processes would soon be unable to scale with the company. Manual data entry, while once manageable, was becoming a bottleneck, causing delays and inefficiencies that rippled through their projects. The need for clear communication had never been more crucial, yet their existing methods – while sufficient for now – would be prone to costly errors as company growth accelerated. 

Amid these challenges, Capital Electric started looking for a solution that could upgrade and improve upon the systems that had gotten them this far.  As part of that initiative, the company was looking to enhance transparency and introduce automation that improved efficiency and effectiveness throughout the supply chain.

“Too many processes were being handled manually. Foremen were handling orders. Project managers were handling orders. I was handling orders. We had a consistent process but with that much manual activity by different people, there is a chance for an expensive error.  We decided we wanted to explore automating a lot of those processes to free up resources and remove any chance of error.” 
Lindsay Schmitt - CFO - Capital Electric

Discovering StructShare

The realm of digital solutions is vast, but it was during a casual conversation with an industry peer that Lindsay Schmitt, Chief Financial Officer at Capital Electric, first heard of StructShare. The Capital Electric team had explored other options but could never find a combination of features and value that would work for their business.

Intrigued by StructShare’s rave reviews and a promise of a tailored solution, Lindsay approached StructShare for a detailed demonstration. The capabilities showcased were impressive, resonating with many of the pain points that Capital Electric was eager to address. It was evident that StructShare wasn't just another software; it had the potential to revolutionize their purchasing and material management from the ground up.

The Solutionservicestrailer1

StructShare's dedicated team, spearheaded by Noam Karoly, Director of Customer Success, began a comprehensive assessment of Capital Electric's unique challenges. This wasn't a one-size-fits-all approach; it was a tailored solution designed to seamlessly mesh with Capital Electric's existing processes. 

The goal was clear: to reinvent material purchasing, tracking, and management so precious internal resources could focus on strategic initiatives instead of repetitive manual tasks. By introducing a centralized platform and new forms of automation Capital Electric would have a single source of truth for procurement to go with greater operational efficiency and reduced human error. 

"We have amazing customers who embrace technology and truly understand the impact tools like StructShare have on their bottom line. Capital Electric certainly has been one of those customers."
Shlomo Habob - Customer Service Manager - StructShare

Working with StructShare

The transition to a new system often comes with apprehensions; however, with StructShare, this wasn't the case. The platform, designed with user-friendliness in mind, was quickly embraced across Capital Electric's diverse workforce. 

EV living photoWhenever there were questions or concerns, Noam's team was right there, offering solutions and guidance. This hands-on customer service approach wasn't just about solving immediate issues; it was about building trust. Capital Electric felt prioritized, a partnership where their growth and efficiency were the shared objectives. Said Schmitt, “The customer service we have received has been amazing. The team asks what we need and makes changes based on our requests…it almost made us feel like we are the only customer you have.” 

The Results

Reduced Material Costs

The tangible benefits of StructShare became evident within the first week. With a central hub managing all material needs, operations became more streamlined right away. This not only reduced errors but also expedited processes, leading to significant time savings on projects. But the advantages didn't stop at operational efficiency. Financially, the quote comparison feature proved invaluable, bringing about at least a 10% reduction in material costs. Moreover, the newfound ability to obtain quotes for minor orders eliminated previous limitations.

"The biggest thing with StructShare on the procurement side is the ability to go back and trace what was ordered versus what was received. When there are inconsistencies - and it happens too often in this business - we have complete visibility into where the problem happened so it can be solved. Even more, we can prevent future issues which continue to drive material costs down.” 
Lindsay Schmitt - CFO - Capital Electric

Optimal Efficiency

With StructShare's advanced mobile capabilities, Capital Electric experienced a new dimension of operational efficiency. Field workers, often at the heart of fast-paced projects, could now access critical data and tools right from their handheld devices. This eliminated time-consuming trips to the office or calls to administrators, thereby expediting decision-making on site. 

Furthermore, the platform's unique user permission levels ensured that every user, from field personnel to administrators, accessed features tailored specifically to their roles and responsibilities. This level of personalization ensured that each team member interacted with the system in the most efficient way, reducing learning curves, and enhancing productivity. The blend of mobile accessibility and role-based permissions became a cornerstone in driving optimized efficiency across the board for Capital Electric.

“We have a lot of smaller jobs with only one or two people onsite. Having the ability for them to access a mobile device and enter or request whatever information is needed through StructShare is a game changer. Things that used to take over an hour to complete now can be handled in a couple of minutes.” 
Neal Gehring - Site Superintendent - Capital Electric

Improved Communication

Communication, a once murky area, experienced a complete transformation. Internal dialogues between teams, both in the office and the field, became more transparent and efficient. This clear line of communication also extended to vendors, ensuring that everyone was on the same page, especially concerning changes like canceled orders. 

“In the past, there was no standardization for communication.  We would receive multiple emails from vendors and we would have to collate everything to make sense of it. With StructShare that headache is gone.” 
Lindsay Schmitt - CFO - Capital Electric

The Future

Looking forward, Capital Electric's ambitions aren't just about maintaining their current success; they're geared towards growth. They envisage expanding into new markets, exploring acquisitions, and scaling their operations. In StructShare, they see a partner equipped to support these aspirations, ensuring that their processes remain streamlined irrespective of their scale. 

Capital Electric's journey with StructShare exemplifies the power of modern solutions in reshaping industries. Through their partnership, they've not just addressed challenges but have set themselves on a trajectory for future successes.

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