Looking back at Procore's Groundbreak 2023

Looking back at Procore's Groundbreak 2023

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Where else do you get to experience the latest in construction technology, to learn the tips and tricks of others, to rub elbows with industry leaders, to hear from sports legends, to party with rockstars? Procore’s Groundbreak. 

This year was no exception. Procore's annual Groundbreak construction conference brought together the visionaries, innovators, and industry leaders from every persona in construction. Sports legends including the most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps, and the Super Middleweight Champion, Laila Ali. To top off an already amazing event, Foreigner played the Groundbreak Bash party inside Chicago’s United Center, home of the Chicago Bulls. (see these images below)

With a  theme centered around "Transformation" and a challenge to attendees of “Let’s build something that changes everything” it’s no surprise that StructShare was there in the middle of it…literally.  

In addition to showcasing the advancements in StructShare’s purchasing and material management tool, our Director of BusinessNate-Groundbreak-2023-Speaking Development, Nate Tockerman, participated in a panel discussion led by CEMEX Venture's Mateo Zimmerman.

The session, titled “Navigating Supply Chain Woes: Achieving Efficient & Innovative Resource Distribution” also included Soil Connect’s Jonathan Alvarado.

The panel discussed  the construction industry’s challenges of severe supply chain disruptions. From materials shortages to transportation challenges, these issues have been a consistent source of concern for owners, suppliers, and contractors. Tockerman shared how StructShare recognizes these challenges and is creating innovative solutions to help construction companies navigate these choppy waters. 

Tockerman said, “our supply chain management tools are designed to provide real-time visibility into material availability, streamline procurement processes, and optimize inventory management. Together with our innovative contractor partners, we tackle these supply chain woes head-on.” 

The 2023 Construction Outlook report, sponsored by Associated General Contractors (AGC) and Sage,* reported 56% of contractors reported turning to alternative suppliers to help mitigate material shortages where 22% opted to stockpile items before even being awarded work. 

General Construction Industry Trends and Observations

Beyond our partnership with Procore and addressing supply chain issues, we've been closely monitoring broader trends in the construction industry. Here are some noteworthy observations:

  1. Sustainability Takes Center Stage: Sustainability is no longer an option; it's a necessity. Construction companies are embracing eco-friendly practices, using sustainable materials, and adopting energy-efficient technologies. StructShare is committed to supporting these efforts by providing tools that enable better resource sourcing and the key material criteria needed to help qualify and win work. 
  2. Digital Transformation Accelerates: The adoption of digital tools and technologies is rapidly transforming the construction sector. From BIM (Building Information Modeling) to AI-powered project management, the industry is becoming more tech-savvy. StructShare is proud to be at the forefront of this digital revolution, helping construction professionals harness the power of technology with intuitive workflows and AI-assisted quoting.
  3. Safety and Compliance Remain Paramount: Safety has always been a top priority in construction, but recent developments have emphasized its importance even more. A strong material management plan and visibility of it to the whole team is a big step in a long path to improving working conditions.  Additionally mental health and its complement to the physical health of our workers. With the labor shortage ever present we must do more to secure the health and welfare of our most critical resource, our people! 

What the Procore Partnership Means to StructShare:

“Our partnership with Procore has been a monumental step for us,” says Or Lakritz, Co-founder at StructShare. "A partnership reaches deeper than simply integrating software; it's about creating solutions that empower construction professionals. Procore's commitment to innovation and our shared vision for a more efficient, connected construction ecosystem align perfectly and our joint customers showed up in force to validate this. This means enhanced capabilities for our customers. Integrating StructShare's cutting-edge supply chain management solutions with Procore's robust project management platform. Together we are simplifying construction project operations, improving communication between internal and external teams, and ensuring all project stakeholders are on the same page. Together, we are truly improving the lives of everyone in construction.”

In conclusion, Procore's Groundbreak 2023 was an inspiring event that reinforced our commitment to innovation in the construction industry. Our partnership with Procore is poised to revolutionize how construction projects are managed, while our ongoing work in supply chain management addresses critical industry challenges. As we continue to embrace sustainability, digital transformation, and safety, StructShare remains dedicated to empowering construction professionals and reshaping the future of construction.


 *source: https://www.agc.org/sites/default/files/users/user21902/2023_Outlook_National_V3.pdf

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