Kraun Electric's Digital Journey with StructShare

Kraun Electric's Digital Journey with StructShare

“StructShare is a key part of what we do. Our plans to move to something different are long gone.”

Kraun Electric, with over 25 years in the business, has established itself as a versatile and innovative player. Their services, covering residential to major commercial projects, have consistently focused on delivering value-engineered and cost-effective solutions to their clients, making them a go-to choice in the Ontario, Canada region. Their reliability and forward-thinking approach earned Kraun a reputation for tackling a wide range of projects with efficiency and skill. Emphasizing 'powering potential,' Kraun has been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Their commitment to excellence is not just limited to client projects but extends to their internal processes and employee growth. This culture has fueled their desire to continuously improve and evolve, driving them to seek out innovative solutions like StructShare.

The Challenge

Before discovering StructShare, Kraun’s procurement process was hindered by reliance on outdated and inefficient methods. They were using an internally developed software system for procurement which, although functional, lacked the robustness and scalability required for their rapidly growing operations. The system's sudden failure plunged the company into a chaotic state, forcing them to revert to a manual, email-based ordering processes.Edited Kwik Mix-8

The abrupt shift to email ordering had led to increased errors, delayed communications, and a lack of transparency in the procurement process. This inefficiency was felt across the board, from the site supervisors to the top management, causing disruptions in project timelines and overall workflow.

Recognizing the need for a more efficient and scalable solution, Kraun’s leadership, particularly CFO Andrew Epp, began searching for a system that could handle their diverse needs. They needed a system that was not only quick to implement but also intuitive enough to easily adopt by their team.

Finding StructShare

In his search for a suitable ERP solution, Andrew discovered StructShare. The platform's promise of quick implementation and ease of use was exactly what Kraun needed in their time of crisis.

What made StructShare stand out for Kraun was the user-friendly interface and the immediate solution it offered to their pressing challenges. The platform's ability to be operational within a short time was key factors in Andrew's decision to adopt it as an interim solution, initially planned for only 12 months.

“Choosing a new procurement system is a big decision…and I realized with StructShare we could be up and running in a week. I was like, ‘let’s go’.”

Kraun’s initial approach to StructShare was pragmatic and cautious. They saw it as a temporary fix to an immediate problem, intending to replace it with a more permanent solution later; however, as they started to interact with the platform and experience its features, their perception began to shift towards seeing StructShare as a long-term, permanent solution.

Implementation Process and Early Adoption

The implementation of StructShare at Kraun was remarkably smooth. StructShare's team facilitated a hands-off approach, allowing for quick training and adoption. Andrew personally took charge of the training sessions, ensuring that they were efficient and effective. His focus was on minimizing downtime and maximizing the understanding and comfort level of his team with the new system. 

“(Setup and implementation) was fairly hands off for us. We got trained. I think we may have even recorded the demo and pretty quickly we were off and running. So it was pretty simple to get started.”

Kraun’s team found StructShare intuitive and easy to adapt to. The transition from their previous chaotic system to StructShare was seamless, with employees appreciating the user-friendly interface and the clear visibility it provided into the procurement process. This ease of transition was crucial in ensuring that the adoption of StructShare was not just accepted but welcomed.


The Results

The impact of StructShare on Kraun has been profound. Andrew highlights the reduction of errors and improved tracking of deliveries and backorders as key benefits. The platform provided real-time visibility and self-service capabilities for their site supervisors, leading to a 90% reduction in communication regarding order status. This efficiency translated into significant time savings, estimated at 20 hours per week, equating to the workload of a part -time employee.

“Reducing errors was one of our key initiatives. Like the status of orders and providing our site supers line of sight to where their orders were,” continued Andrew. “The supervisors would be in constant communication with the office saying ‘Hey, I think I ordered this. Did you get it? What's the status of that?’ With StructShare they go into the app and can see it’s handled. All those calls and texts and inefficiencies. That is just gone now.”

Additionally, the shift to StructShare enabled more effective bidding processes, leading to better procurement strategies and partner relationships. The platform's bidding functionality and chat feature received positive feedback from both Kraun Electric and their suppliers.

Andrew appreciates StructShare's customer-centric approach and their willingness to incorporate feedback into product development. This partnership has allowed Kraun Electric to influence new features, enhancing the platform for all users.

Nate Apprentice


Kraun’s experience with StructShare showcases the transformative power of the right digital procurement solution. The shift from a fragmented and inefficient process to a streamlined, centralized system has not only saved time and reduced errors but also fostered better relationships with suppliers.

Andrew summed up Kraun’s relationship with StructShare like this:

“When we started with StructShare, we liked the pricing because we figured we’d move to something more permanent in a year or so. We needed something quick while we figured out a permanent solution. Well, it’s been a year. And StructShare is a key part of what we do. Our plans to move to something different are long gone.”

StructShare's flexibility, ease of use, and impactful features have made it an indispensable tool for Kraun, underlining the importance of choosing a solution that aligns with a company's specific needs and growth trajectory.

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