Perfect Stucco, flawless with purchasing and material management

Perfect Stucco, flawless with purchasing and material management

"Materials and material management processes are instrumental in the success of our business and significantly impact every job we do."  

Perfect Stucco has grown substantially. This growth exposed a significant bottleneck in the material purchasing and material management process resulting in long communication cycles, delays, and heavy waste of time and materials. So they searched for software to help them streamline field requests from the jobsites to the office and eliminate mistakes in procurement and billing from suppliers. 

Perfect Stucco - Materials
"Subcontractors like us don't have the resources to process and track many orders and invoices. And every little mistake costs too much to be overlooked." Meshulem Rosenblum, Owner, Perfect Stucco

Business Challenges 

As a small contractor, Perfect Stucco is managed by the owner and a small back-office team. The administrative work was becoming arduous. Since the company was growing substantially, keeping track of material orders became a costly headache. The paperwork doubled in just a few months, and mistakes were getting reported from the field too late, making these errors even more expensive to resolve.  

Perfect Stucco needed a better, simpler, and more affordable way to standardize material purchasing and management across projects. They needed to reduce the administrative burden on the office manager, purchasing manager, and field supervisors. They were looking for a single system that would allow creating material lists, submitting for approval, processing orders, and reporting on materials and job costs by supplier and project to evaluate which projects were profitable and which ones were not. 

Additional challenges:  

  • Employees and manual material workflows varied (no standardization)
  • Staff circumventing procedures 
  • Limited managerial oversight and reporting (field and office) 
  • Communication difficulties between field, office, and suppliers  
Construction Field Teams - StructShare


Since implementing StructShare, Perfect Stucco has unlocked the capabilities to help improve its purchasing and material management operations. For example, with StructShare they can identify material ordering mistakes in real-time on any project. In addition, their office and field can order materials on the desktop or mobile devices within defined rules and receive approvals based on management controls. This helps manage every project and get everyone on the same page. 

Perfect Stucco captures building material costs in the field, which increases the accuracy of their project cost data and helps them manage project profitability.

  • Less manual entry using the mobile app in the field and office increases the accuracy of their data and enhances stakeholder (Field, Office, Supplier) communication to mitigate mistakes.
  • Increased RFQ to delivery of material 3x by improving purchase order and invoice approval cycles.
  • Standardize material processes across all projects quickly followed by full-time, part-time hourly employees, subcontractor partners (Plumbers, Electricians, etc.), suppliers, and warehouse teams.
  • StructShare creates a single source of truth and makes reporting easy, accurate, manageable, and creates transparency and visibility across all projects. 
  • 3-Way Matching (Invoices, Bills of Materials, and POs) in one platform enabled the Perfect Stucco office team to save countless hours weekly in administrative work eliminating the need to hire another admin assistant. "With 2500 invoices per year, we don't have to hire another office admin."
  • QuickBooks compatible integration ensures consistent and accurate financial reporting. 
  • Increases quality control on all materials delivered on the jobsite with digital tracking and mobile chat to troubleshoot errors. 

Overall, Perfect Stucco increased savings on labor manual data entry, eliminating delays errors, and optimizing pricing. They are now in charge of their operations with an easy-to-use materials management platform that tracks shipping thru delivery and documentation and enables enhanced communications between stakeholders and projects. The small contractor is ready for high growth, taking on more projects, and consistently providing exceptional customer service that has propelled the company from its founding. 

Onboarding and Implementation 

"Often, it's difficult to break people into new processes, but StructShare is a user-friendly application and so easy to use. We actually started getting value a week after signing up."

Perfect Stucco employees were nervous about trying something new because adopting a new system and process can be both cumbersome and confusing; however, StructShare's intuitive platform doesn't require any IT resources to install.

Customer Service

"Amazing customer service. Unlike other tech firms in this space, the team is dedicated to supporting my business, and I appreciate it."

Perfect Stucco was amazed by the ongoing customer support that "Team StructShare" provides. Any issues or questions are responded to within a couple of hours. If additional training is needed, StructShare Customer Service is right there to help.

Would you recommend StructShare today?

"100% - Subcontractors need tools that help them organize and standardize processes that impact labor productivity, ensure supplier accountability to maintain profitability. With 2500 invoices per year running in our back office, using StructShare is a game-changer."

About Perfect Stucco

Founded in 2009, Perfect Stucco is a Facades specialty contractor located in New York City, NY. This contracting firm provides superior residential and commercial masonry services, including stucco installation, repairs, and replacement. In addition, they create and restore building facades and specialize in Stucco, stone, aluminum composite materials (ACM) paneling, and removal services.

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