Pinnacle Electric's Success Story with StructShare

Pinnacle Electric's Success Story with StructShare

"Everything was a mess! I couldn't track anything, and guys were missing material. You can't run a business through email."

Pinnacle Electric, a prominent electrical contracting firm headquartered in the bustling heart of New York City, is highly regarded for its client-centric approach to electrical projects.

Their journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Founded in 1979, the company has experienced hyper growth the past few years increasing active projects from seven in 2018 to over forty active projects today as well as a substantial increase in their workforce. In the midst of this phenomenal expansion, Pinnacle Electric faced a pivotal challenge: the need for an efficient solution to manage their material purchasing process.

The Problem

In the early days at Pinnacle Electric, their workflow was built around email communication. The field team would email Patricia Hernandez, Pinnacle Electric’s Purchasing Manager, detailing their material needs. Patricia would manually input material requests from the field.electrician at work for pinnacle electric

As Pinnacle Electric grew, this once-simple system turned into a source of chaos. The increasing email volume made it challenging to manage and track requests, resulting in materials going missing and orders becoming hard to locate. Hernandez lamented, "Everything was a mess. I couldn't track anything, and guys were missing material." Hernandez continued, "You can't run a business through email."

The CEO, recognizing there was a growing problem, came across StructShare one evening while researching solutions. Hernandez shares, “The process of evaluating StructShare was quite easy. We had a demo of the tool which answered our initial questions. After that, the CEO went through the pros and cons and decided it was worth a try.” For Hernandez, the leap of faith has proven to be a great success.

Working with StructShare

Pinnacle Electric's collaboration with StructShare has been transformative, thanks to a multitude of advantages offered by the platform. Hernandez praised StructShare's user-friendliness, noting its ability to track every activity and to provide complete transparency in procurement. The timestamp feature proved invaluable, allowing Hernandez to pinpoint the exact moment an order was placed, enhancing accountability within their team.

“If a guy calls upset saying he placed an order last Wednesday, [with StructShare], I can say, ‘no you didn’t, you placed it Friday at 1:52 pm!’”

- Patricia Hernandez, Purchasing Manager at Pinnacle Electric

What distinguishes StructShare is the team’s adaptability to customer needs. The company's impressive responsiveness to feedback stood out as StructShare actively tailored the system to address Pinnacle Electric's specific requirements. Notably, their training sessions were exemplary, thanks to dedicated Customer Success team members like Shlomo Habob, ensuring a smooth transition and setting the stage for enhanced efficiency and transparency.

The Results

The integration of StructShare into Pinnacle Electric's workflow, including the integration with QuickBooks, has yielded impressive results. Hernandez emphasized, "I like it because I can track everything I do." The platform's user-friendly interface, combined with its ability to track activities and provide transparency, has streamlined their operations.
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StructShare has not only simplified their purchasing processes but has also become a symbol of excellence in purchasing management for Pinnacle Electric, promising continued growth and success serving their customers.


In Hernandez’s words, "StructShare is like an iPhone, it's just easy to use." This succinctly captures how StructShare has simplified their procurement processes, boosted transparency, and optimized their operations, demonstrating that it's not merely a tool but the epitome of excellence in purchasing management.



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