The new StructShare + Sage sync reduces errors and inefficiencies

The new StructShare + Sage sync reduces errors and inefficiencies

StructShare’s integration to Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate helps trade contractors reduce PO processing time by 75% and increase office productivity to streamline material procurement. The result is a reduction of order errors and inefficiencies.

  • Process POs faster than ever before with substantially less effort
  • Sync PO data directly into Sage with just one click
  • Improve job cost tracking accuracy ten-fold with historical data
  • Integration is simple and up and running in less than an hour

Or Lakritz, StructShare's co-founder and CPO, has been deeply involved in all of StructShare's integration. Lakritz states, "StructShare's integration with Sage allows trade contractors to streamline their procurement process and save time and money. With StructShare, trade contractors can easily manage their field requisitions, PO processing, and invoice reconciliation, all within the familiar Sage environment. This integration provides a seamless and efficient solution for managing procurement in the construction industry."

The sync with Sage completely eliminates data entry and human errors, and streamlines the entire Procurement-to-Accounting operations.

Imagine your numbers consistently accurate, providing a clear picture of your job costs right at your fingertips. Now, make that a reality and start today with a demo from StructShare.

How does this work?

Check out the video below now or, for a summary, read a few highlights below.

Looking at the StructShare material order screen, you can see:

  • the item name
  • the cost code
  • a cost type
  • a unit price
  • a unit quantity

You can also see the project name and the supplier name up at the top.

Once the order is placed a confirmation will pop-up in StructShare with the order number and you can click to view the order. After opening the order, note the green arrows at the top of the PO indicating that the order was successfully synced with your Sage system.

Next open the job cost section in your Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate.

Clicking into the order, you’ll be able to see several pieces of information from your StructShare account like the commitment number, the project that the committed is associated with, the balance of each line item, the unit cost, the order quantity, and the item description.

In the invoices section, we can see an invoice sent by the supplier in the StructShare PO PDF. Go through the approval process by reconciling the invoice with the associated PO and mark as approved.

You can then open the purchase order and save as an invoice version.

You will proceed to the details and press "save" to save the changes.

Once again, you will see the green arrows at the top of the order confirming that the sync between Sage and StructShare was successful.

We will now open up the account payable section of Sage to see the invoice number, the associated commitment associated project and all of the invoice details.


Two-Minute Video Demonstration

HubSpot Video


Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate helps contractors, developers, and property managers build and maintain projects and properties with precision and confidence. Manage risks related to subcontractors and  vendors, improve visibility with custom reporting, and collaborate across all project phases in real time. Learn more about Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate.

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