How an electrical contractor found the recipe for savings

How an electrical contractor found the recipe for savings

“We quickly saw the benefits because StructShare works with OUR process so we do not have to change to THEIR process.”

Sunshine State Electric of Florida, Inc., a full-service family-owned electrical contractor, specializes in commercial construction. With over 100 years of combined experience and a history dating back to 1977, they have experienced what works and what does not. What they found in StructShare, works. 

Business Challenges 

Like all successful specialty contractors, Sunshine State Electric embraces change and understands the value that software brings to an organization like theirs while also being realistic and knowing that change is not always easy. As an early Procore user, they saw the potential of what moving to a digital process could do for them.

Prior to implementing Procore for project management, foremen were using laptops for communications such as RFIs and emails. There was no document management, no tracking. The Procore integration allowed their project management to be cloud-based. Once they were up and running, they saw the benefit of how working entirely in the cloud could be to them and, more importantly, to the projects that they were working on.

But even with a “change” mindset, change is not always easy.


During this time before StructShare, invoices came in printed format across a project manager’s desk. 

These invoices would be manually entered into QuickBooks, each invoice had to go line by line, coding each one with 6-7 different codes on the invoice, then calculated and finally, entered into QuickBooks. They knew there was a better way, an all-digital way. 


Sunshine State Electric President, Patrick Hauser, asked “Why are purchasing and requesting quotes not integrated? We need an electrical contractor software to help us.”

When Hauser asked that question, he not only found the answer in StructShare but also found a lot more. “We looked at other vendors who claimed they could do what StructShare did,” Hauser states, “but in the end, we decided to take a chance on StructShare. Looking back, I’m very glad we did.”


StructShare proved to be the best choice. Hauser states that, “the learning curve was very short. StructShare’s technology made adopting the new database very easy. Doing material requests through the app truly does streamline the process.”

Now, it was not all sunshine for Sunshine State Electric, there was some hesitancy with some team members. While many adopted the tool quickly, Hauser and others had to convince the die-hards to give StructShare a chance.

“If you don’t get into the tool and start using it, it will seem difficult because it does so much. What we found is that one of those who were hesitant actually got into StructShare and started navigating around that they found it easy. We’re talking about our most low-tech folks finding StructShare easy.” 

For Hauser and Sunshine State Electric, they knew that success with StructShare would only be once everyone was using the software and the database. “The StructShare database is all about organization. All systems are pieces of the same puzzle and now they are all in sync. StructShare’s integration with Procore continues to be a wonderful asset for our way of working.” Sunshine State Electric did implement the use of reference codes, along with a cheat sheet and this has been great for the field. The field guys find things much faster.

Hauser feels the difference being made in the office. 

“The work that two people were doing is now combined into one, at half the time. This has truly created a lot of time for us.”


Sunshine State Electric found that in addition to getting loads of time back, they also caught errors that were slipping through such as duplicate invoices and being billed twice for the same item. StructShare easily caught these errors. Hauser and his team also benefit from more efficient communication with their suppliers through the tool. Before StructShare some of these things were slipping through the cracks. There was not enough time and the team was unable to qualify all the charges. 

Processes are now standardized. For example, project managers more easily collect requests from the foreman. Hauser explains, “The foreman makes the request, the office just chooses the supplier and hits ‘approve.’ It’s that simple.” He continues, “we did not have that control before StructShare.”

Additional savings that add up including printer ink savings, time, postage, and so much more.

One interesting finding that StructShare exposed was that Sunshine State Electrical purchased 80-90% of materials at the same time. The other 10-20% were just odd stuff and we could see these through the details using sorts and filters. 

Would you recommend StructShare today?

When asked this question, Hauser enthusiastically responded, “100% I would recommend this to other specialty contractors. I am really happy with how it’s all gone. The initial reach out, demonstrating the tool, then letting us experience the integration with Procore. It’s all gone very well. I know this is the right decision. Myself and my team now have more time to focus on the project and getting it done on time and under budget.” 

Hauser continued by talking about the work with StructShare’s development team. “Some vendors communicate by saying “this is how it works” but StructShare is different, they ask “how should it work?” and Hauser appreciates this. StructShare builds FOR the customer process not for StructShare’s process. 

“StructShare’s development, sales, and support are all customer focused and it’s noticeable.”



About Sunshine State Electric of Florida 

Sunshine State Electric of Florida, Inc. is a full-service family-owned electrical contractor specializing in commercial construction. Our company has over 100 years of combined experience and we have been operating in South Florida since 1977.

We hold a State of Florida Unlimited Electrical Contractors license (State of Florida – EC13001201) and work in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties as well as the West Coast of Florida.

Our primary work is new commercial construction and continued service of the buildings we have constructed. Our experience and dedication is second to none and we take pride in our work. Our relationships that we have built over the years with our customers and building departments allow us the flexibility to be selective in the work that we take on and be a true specialty contractor.

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