Revolutionizing Material Management: Tucker Paving's StructShare Journey

Revolutionizing Material Management: Tucker Paving's StructShare Journey

"StructShare fundamentally altered our operational landscape, aligning seamlessly with our unique workflow and ushering in a new era of efficiency."

Confronting the multifaceted challenges posed by both the pandemic and the company's expansion, Mike Felix, Construction Manager at Tucker Paving, recognized the imperative need for a material management strategy to uphold their competitiveness and operational efficiency. In response, the company embraced the call for a new approach that would include enhanced visibility and better cost management. These strategic measures strengthened their ability to bounce back and make themselves more adaptable within the ever-evolving business landscape.


Discovering the Need for Change

Faced with the challenges brought about by the pandemic and growth, Tucker Paving acknowledged the essential requirement for improved material management to stay competitive and efficient. Recognizing the need for an enhanced approach in the wake of the unprecedented circumstances, the company took steps to make themselves stronger and more adaptable in the changing business environment.

"Covid was tough because of material availability scarcity. We had a realization during that time that we needed to find an avenue to improve material management on-site."ghows-LK-50383a25-80a6-1355-e053-0100007f283b-0c86b8b6

Unveiling StructShare: A Cold Call Turned Solution

StructShare entered the scene, making its introduction through a cold call—a seemingly ordinary occurrence that would significantly impact Tucker Paving's operational efficiency.

In subsequent meetings, StructShare gradually unveiled itself as more than just a software solution; it emerged as a tailor-made remedy for the distinctive material management challenges that Tucker Paving wrestled with.

This meeting marked the beginning of a transformative partnership that would revolutionize and refine Tucker Paving's entire operational landscape.

"We had a realization during that time [COVID] that we needed to find an avenue to improve. We decided to focus on materials management and purchasing; honestly, it's like the stars kind of aligned with us and StructShare." 

Onboarding and Challenges

As Tucker Paving integrated StructShare into their operational framework, what distinguished this integration was not the absence of hurdles but rather the resilience and diligence demonstrated by the StructShare team in overcoming their obstacles.

The collaborative journey saw both teams navigating complexities and intricacies, forging a path that ultimately led to a harmonious alignment with Tucker Paving's unique workflow. 

"StructShare’s team was diligent. There was some figuring out on our end on how to make it fit our needs, but they did a really good job." 

StructShare in Action: Transforming Material Management

Today, Tucker Paving has witnessed a profound transformation in their material management processes through the strategic deployment of StructShare. The software serves as a crucial element, streamlining and optimizing inventory management. With enhanced visibility, the team can promptly make informed decisions about materials on-site, contributing to heightened operational efficiency. 

StructShare's validation process ensures accurate accounting for received materials, minimizing discrepancies, and adding accountability to the process. In essence, StructShare has become integral to Tucker Paving's material management, offering not just a software solution but a catalyst for positive change and continuous improvement.


Evaluating Results and Looking Ahead

Tangible and substantial benefits have materialized for Tucker Paving. StructShare's impact has reverberated across various facets of Tucker Paving's operations, offering many positive changes that extend far beyond the confines of the software's initial introduction. 


Enhanced Visibility

The first notable advantage lies in the domain of enhanced visibility. With StructShare seamlessly integrated into their operational framework, Tucker Paving now enjoys a comprehensive and real-time view of their processes, materials, and project statuses. This newfound clarity empowers the team to make informed decisions swiftly, contributing to a more agile and responsive workflow.


Cost Management

Moreover, the implementation of StructShare has brought about a notable refinement in cost management for Tucker Paving. The software's capabilities in tracking expenditures, managing budgets, and providing detailed insights into financial aspects have resulted in a more transparent and controlled financial landscape. This enhanced cost management not only safeguards against unforeseen expenses but also allows for a more strategic allocation of resources, optimizing the overall financial health of the projects.



The collaborative journey between Tucker Paving and StructShare has not only addressed specific challenges but has also marked a new era of efficiency and transparency in material management. In Mike's words, "StructShare fundamentally altered our operational landscape, aligning seamlessly with our unique workflow and ushering in a new era of efficiency." The positive outcomes experienced by Tucker Paving underscore the transformative impact of StructShare on their daily operations.

Looking ahead, the collaborative partnership between Tucker Paving and StructShare stands as an inspiring example of how technology can be seamlessly integrated into established workflows, bringing about positive change and fostering a culture of adaptability. This journey stands as a testament to the power of open communication and the potential for innovation when industry expertise meets cutting-edge solutions.



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