How Victory Electric Mastered the Digital Shift with StructShare

How Victory Electric Mastered the Digital Shift with StructShare

"Productivity increased with StructShare in so many ways."

Nestled in Southwest Missouri, Victory Electric stands as a testament to the resilience of traditional trades in the face of the digital revolution. Led by Master Electricians Robert Duggins and Tim Littrell, this electrical contractor encountered a turning point that demanded a transition into digital operations. Victory Electric shares their transformative journey, the challenges they faced, the discovery of StructShare, and the profound impact this platform had on their operations.


The Problem

Matthew Long, Warehouse and Procurement Manager of Victory Electric, recalls the initial struggle of applying new tech solutions. As they navigated the complexities of integrating technology, the team transformed challenges into opportunities by implementing better systems of organization, with the intent of being as efficient and productive as possible. Victory Electric continues to strive to be the premier, top shelf, #1 electrical contractor in the Springfield, Branson regional area. Today, Victory Electric stands as a pioneer, seamlessly combining traditional expertise with cutting-edge technology.

"We're hillbillies from Southwest Missouri; not computer-savvy, but we stuck with it."

Transitioning from traditional to digital operations posed a formidable challenge for Victory Electric. The team, initially unfamiliar with computer-centric processes, navigated a learning curve with resilience. Matthew Long and his team learned to use new digital tools like cloud based storage with file sharing systems, time keeping apps, accounting, bidding and estimating software, as well as old school emailing. Lots of hard work and determination pays off for them on a daily basis and continues to improve their ways of managing efficiency. The once-unfamiliar territory of digital operations now showcases Victory Electric's seamless integration of traditional craftsmanship with modern speed and accuracy. Gone are the days of writing material orders on scrap pieces of cardboard or 2x4 blocks. Also as well as spending wasted labor hours waiting for material to be pulled at local supply houses.



Finding StructShare

In their quest to overcome the challenges posed by the digital shift, Victory Electric discovered StructShare, a comprehensive purchasing and material management platform tailored for the specialty trade contractors. Matthew reminisces about the early days, noting,

"We didn't use all the features of StructShare in the beginning, but we were curious and slowly started adding to our workflow."

Demonstrating unwavering determination, the company actively embraced technology to optimize efficiency across its operations. With a proactive approach, they invested in comprehensive training, empowering every team member to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape. This commitment went beyond internal processes, extending to client interactions, where digital platforms were harnessed to elevate communication, collaboration, and service delivery.

The Solution

As Victory Electric continued to acclimate to the intricacies of StructShare, a paradigm shift occurred. Historical data became a valuable asset, and the streamlined material request process emerged as a game-changer. This transformation empowered the team to make data-driven decisions, leveraging insights from past projects to optimize resource allocation and enhance overall project efficiency. The integration of historical data into their workflow further solidified StructShare's role as an invaluable tool in shaping Victory Electric's success in the ever-evolving landscape of electrical engineering. Matthew emphasizes this transformation, stating,

"It started to make more sense and come together. StructShare has been good for us."

The platform's excellence in material tracking and supplier engagement represented a significant boost in administrative efficiency. By providing real-time insights into inventory levels, it optimized resource utilization and minimized excess stock. Beyond transactional interactions, the platform fostered a collaborative ecosystem, strengthening supplier relationships and ensuring a more responsive supply chain. In essence, this dual proficiency redefined administrative processes, enhancing cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.


Operational Maturity and Reflection:

The journey with StructShare featured strategic pauses and evaluations, providing valuable insights into the platform's impact. During these moments, Victory Electric conducted targeted training sessions to enhance team proficiency and identified opportunities for process refinement. Collaborating with StructShare's support, the team customized the platform to fit their specific needs, maximizing efficiency. These pauses also fostered open communication, allowing for feedback and continuous improvement, making StructShare an integral part of Victory Electric's streamlined operations. Matthew reflects on this, noting,

"Productivity increased with StructShare in so many ways."

Victory Electric experienced a maturation of their administrative practices, with a newfound ability to navigate the complexities of their industry. This evolution not only streamlined material management and supplier engagements but also translated into a heightened adaptability to industry dynamics. As the team grew more adept at leveraging historical data and the streamlined material request process facilitated by StructShare, they found themselves better equipped to anticipate challenges and proactively address them, marking a significant stride towards operational excellence. The maturation of administrative practices became a cornerstone of Victory Electric's success, positioning them as industry leaders who seamlessly blend traditional expertise with cutting-edge technology.



Victory Electric's story encapsulates a profound transformation – from traditional roots to a digitally empowered entity. StructShare acted as the catalyst for change, empowering the company to navigate the intricacies of the construction industry with precision and efficiency. The partnership with StructShare not only resolved immediate challenges but set the stage for continued growth and operational excellence.



The 2 men behind Victory Electric both worked with each other as employees of a now defunct large electrical contractor. After the inevitable fallout and continuous communication throughout the years, both Tim and Robert each had their own electrical businesses trying to be the best they each could be. As they talked more, they both shared the realization and struggles of trying to run a business by themselves. This understanding prompted the boys to co-operate in a business together and thus Victory Electric was born. Founded in 2022, the business has experienced rapid growth and newly found success in the area they serve.



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