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What's New in StructShare? April 2024

We are continually striving to provide you with the best tools to ace your procurement and material management needs. We are excited to announce our latest releases that will empower you to improve processes, standardize workflows, and maximize efficiency.

StructShare is a purpose-built and customer-focused company and we are thrilled to be on this journey with you!

New Features:

New Rental PO - We are excited to announce the release of the Rental PO - Beta. This new workflow will allow users to:

  • Partially return items on a Rental PO
  • Define Rental Period: Unit prices are linked to rental duration for more accurate cost calculations
  • Rent from Inventory: Allow your team to rent tools/equipment from inventory you keep on hand and enable a Warehouse Manager to oversee Rental items.
  • Account for Non-Rental Items: Users can include non-rental items such as MOB, Fuel, Environmental Fees, etc.

The Rental PO (Beta) will be available alongside the old Rental Order workflow so you can close out any Rental Orders that you previously started. You will also see 'Rental PO Beta' and 'Rental Order' in the 'Line Items' screen to distinguish the two workflows.

When you add a rental item to your 'Items Database', you will add the unit of measure, define the 'Item Type' as 'Rental', input a 'Price' for the item and add the 'Price per Day' which will be used to calculate the 'Total Price' in the order flow. When you select an item to add to the 'Rental PO', the rental period is now reflected in the order flow (and on the PDF and the email sent to the supplier) and you can adjust the 'Quantity' and 'Rental Days' which will adjust the 'Total Price'.

You can also add rental items at the supplier level- adding an item you rent from a specific supplier with their pricing (with or without a discount) which will be applied when selecting the item from a specific supplier on a Rental PO.

We added a 'Rented' column to the 'Warehouses' screen so if you have tools or equipment on hand that you own, and rent out for Projects, you can now track this information in the associated Warehouse.

When you receive the invoice for your 'Rental PO', you will see a new 'Rental Days' column in the invoice approval screen so you can correctly invoice the rental period instead of the quantity of the item you rented. This will allow you to continue to bill against the rental PO until the item has been confirmed returned.

Procore: Please note that for Procore integrated customers, when you create a Rental PO in StructShare, the Quantity and Rental Period (days) will be combined (Qty X Days) into the 'Quantity' column in your Procore commitment schedule of values.

We are very excited for this enhancement and look forward to your feedback. Please follow this link to watch a quick video or read this support article to learn how to best utilize this feature and reach out to our Support team should you have any questions!

Rental PO BETAPOrentalOderList
Delivery Summary Rental Jobsite
RentalOrder Card viewrentalPO imvoicing

Rental PO


Line Items: Track Received Quantities at Warehouse and Jobsite - You now have the ability to track the quantity and dollar amount of items received at your Warehouse and Jobsite via the 'All Line Items' and Project level 'Line Items' screen. The new columns, Received (WH), $ Received (WH) and $ Received (Job), will be unchecked by default and when selected, will be saved for that user. 

  • The new 'Received (WH)' column will populate with the quantity received in the Warehouse when orders are shipped through a Warehouse.

  • The '$ Received (WH)' column will populate the quantity received in the Warehouse by the PO Unit Price in the currency selected in 'System Settings'.

  • The QTY Received column was renamed to 'Received (Job)' which will show the quantity received at the jobsite.

  • The new '$ Received (Job)' column will reflect the quantity received at the jobsite by the PO Unit Price in the currency selected in 'System Settings'.

*Please note that we renamed the following column headers: The QTY ordered column was renamed to 'Ordered'. The QTY Returned (pending) column was renamed to 'Returned (Pending)' and the QTY Returned column was renamed to 'Returned'. Additionally, QTY Billed and QTY Credited have been renamed to 'Billed' and 'Credited'. 

WHJob Recd

Catalogs: Restrict Duplicate Items - We are excited to announce an enhancement for adding or updating an existing item into the Items Database and Warehouse which will restrict the ability to create a duplicate item in your account. 

Our system will look at the below fields before it will allow you to create or update an existing item:

  • UPC - If there is a match, StructShare will check for the Unit of Measure and if the Unit of Measure is also a match, you will not be able to add or update an existing item.

  • Model # and Manufacturer - If the Model # was matched, StructShare will check for the Manufacturer. If the manufacturer is also a match, you will not be able to add or update an existing item. 

  • Item Code - If the Item Code was matched, StructShare will restrict the ability to create or update an existing item

  • Item Name and Unit of Measure - If the Item Name and Unit of Measure were matched, StructShare will restrict duplication of a new or existing item. Here is an example of what the restriction message will look like:


Location - If the Item exists in a Warehouse, StructShare will check the Item Name, Unit of Measure, Item Code, and Location to ensure that the item does not already exist with the same data in the selected Warehouse.

If an item you select to update (by using the new pencil icon) exists in one or more of your Warehouses, you will see the below pop up prior to editing the item:

Please Note Item Edit Popup

Please note that we added some character parameters for the below fields that will apply when updating an existing item or adding a new item into the Items Database:

  • UPC - Characters and Numbers, 12 character limit
  • Model # - Character and Numbers, 35 character limit
  • Manufacturer - Characters and Numbers, 30 character limit
  • Item Code - Characters, Numbers and Special Characters, 30 character limit

Bulk Edit Selection Update: We added ‘Item Type’ to the bulk edit selection and removed 'Unit of Measure'.


Users & Permissions: Can View Project Pricing - When a user has the "Can View Project Pricing" permission selected, they can now modify the item description of a field request, including the free text.

image (25)

Order Flow: Warehouse Inventory - Edited PO lines are now being supported and added to your Warehouse tracking. When you edit a PO that is shipping through a Warehouse, either by adjusting the quantity of a line item, removing  a line item or adding a line item, this adjustment is not reflected in the associated Warehouse.


Email Communication: Field Request - If you select the Job Number as a Prefix for POs at the project level, this information is now included on the Field Request internal email communication.


Catalogs: Populate Items Database Expected Price in Supplier Catalog - There is a new setting in the System Settings, 'Populate company catalog price when ordering from supplier catalogs' that will allow you to update the price of an item in a Supplier Catalog, when the item is referenced back to the 'Items Database'.

If this setting is enabled:

  •  When you create an order from a Supplier Catalog, if the items are referenced to an item in the 'Items Database' with a 'Price', the items database 'Price' will populate instead of the Supplier Catalog Price.
  • If the Items Database Price is not available, or if there is not a 'Reference Item', the Supplier Catalog Price will populate.
  • If a discount is defined, StructShare will take the 'Price' of the item in the 'Items Database' and multiply it by the defined discount in the Supplier Catalog to show the 'Net Price'.

  • If the item 'Price' in the 'Items Database' is changed, StructShare will update the Company Catalog price for ALL ITEMS in ALL SUPPLIER CATALOGS that reference the item.


Coming Soon:

  • Blanket POs
  • Release POs
  • Rental PO V2
  • UI Enhancements: Order Flow