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What's New in StructShare? February 2024

We are continually striving to provide you with the best tools to ace your procurement and material management needs. We are excited to announce our latest releases that will empower you to improve processes, standardize workflows, and maximize efficiency.

StructShare is a purpose-built and customer-focused company and we are thrilled to be on this journey with you!

New Features:

Warehouse: Expected Price - We added a new column to the 'Warehouses' screen, 'Expected Price'. This column will be hidden by default so if you don't see this displayed, simply click on the column preferences on the top right (3 vertical lines) to view. This field can be imported and edited. If an Item already exists in a Warehouse and you import the same item with a different expected price, into the same Warehouse, the new 'Expected Price' will override what was previously populated and your Warehouse will update, not duplicate! If a Warehouse item exists with a 'Last Price', the 'Expected Price' will override the 'Last Price' column and populate the 'Expected Price' column. If you add an item into a Warehouse from the Items Database, and this item has a 'Price' in the 'Items Database', this price will populate into the 'Expected Price' column in the Warehouse.

Inventory Value Update- If the 'Last Price' column is empty, the inventory value will be calculated based on the 'Expected Price'.

Follow this link to our Support Article to learn more. Please reach out to our Support Team should you have additional questions on how to best utilize this update.

expected price

Order Creation: Unit Size - We are very excited to announce the update to the Unit Size Feature in StructShare. Common with Drywall Contractors, materials are Estimated, Priced and Ordered in various Units of Measure and this information needs to be calculated and displayed for internal users and on Supplier communication based on the user persona. This update allows your Field Team to request the materials in the unit of measure they are familiar with, while calculating the price that was given by the Estimate and allows your teams to see all of this data when confirming delivery of the PO and approving the invoice against the PO.

Follow this link to our Support Article to learn more. Please reach out to our Support Team should you have additional questions on how to utilize this new feature.


All Line Items: Sort Commonly Ordered Items - We added the ability for you to sort by items you commonly order in the 'All Line Items' screen. When aggregating by 'Item Name' in the 'All Line Items' screen, you can click on the 'Item Name' column header to sort your items. The number in parenthesis next to the 'Item Name' shows how many times this particular item has been ordered. We also added a counter to the 'Item Code' and PO #' column that displays this information as well. The number next to the 'PO #' column may be different as this shows how many individual POs that this item exist on.

sort all line items by item

User Permissions: Project Pricing - Previously, only 'System Admins' had access to the Project Budget. We know the 'Project Manager' persona is not typically granted 'System Admin' permissions but still needs to be able to oversee Project specific data. We adjusted the verbiage in the 'Users & Permissions' screen from 'Can't View Prices' to 'Can View Project Pricing' and this selection will allow users to:

  1. View the Project Budget and compare the budgeted amount vs. the actual amount
  2. Access Project Settings to ensure the Project is set up with the option to auto-populate the Budget based on the BoM
  3. Ability to 'approve' Material Requests but restrict the ability to place the order with the supplier

*All users that previously had the 'Can’t View Prices' box selected, will have this new option marked unchecked. All users that had the 'Can’t View Prices' checkbox unchecked, will have the new checkbox selected.



can view project pricing

Order Creation: Rearrange Line Items - You can now rearrange the line items on your orders while in 'Draft' mode. When a user clicks and holds a line in the 'Card View' (on both Web and Mobile), you can easily drag the line item up and down to change the order. All changes will reflect in the orders Card View, Free Text and PDF.

drag and drop

Rental PO: Attachment & Signature - Previously if you had both 'Require Signature for Delivery Confirmation' and 'Require Attachment When Confirming Delivery' checked in 'System Settings', you were unable to complete the return of a Rental PO. This has now been fixed!


UI Enhancements

Phase 1

  • Mobile UI + Updated Card View on Mobile & Web

Phase 2

  • Order Drawer

Phase 3

  • Web UI Layout

UI Enhancement: Desktop - We are excited to announce the updates to the desktop UI in the coming month. Phase 1 will include an updated card view on the 'Open Activities' (home screen) and 'Order History' screen. Phase 2 will include an update to the Order Drawer and Phase 3 will include an update to the desktop layout.

Updates to make note of:

  • 'Field requests' have been renamed to 'Requisitions' and 'Back ordered' renamed to 'Partially Received'.
  • We grouped the tabs on the left hand side into Orders, Invoices, Catalogs, Projects and Warehouses.
  • All 'Unread' messages will now show in bold in the corresponding column instead of having an additional 'Unread' section. You will also be able to see how many unread messages you have at the top of the column.
  • The 'Search' and 'Filter' has been updated and the 'Filter' screen will now pop out and give you an easy way to reset the selections at the top.
  • We updated the PO card view to give you more room for the information you need to see at a glance.
  • 'Material order' has been renamed to 'CREATE ORDER' and we updated the dropdown selections removing the option to add a Project, User, Supplier and Upload an Invoice from the Home Screen.
  • The System 'Settings' have been moved to the bottom left corner below 'Account' Settings where you can customize StructShare.

*Please reach out to our team via the in app Support Chat should you have immediate question.


desktop UI update


create order dropwdown

UI Enhancement: Mobile - We are very excited to announce the release of our updated StructShare mobile application. We are confident that these enhancements will increase user experience and streamline the actions your team takes while on the go.

Updates to make note of:

  • The verbiage for the different categories on the home screen will mirror what is on the desktop e.g. 'Field Requests' will now read 'Requisitions'.

  • Sort and group orders by Project via a 'Project' dropdown.

  • Updated PO card with the ability to collapse line items to hide detail and edit POs.

  • 'Home', Order 'History' and 'Support' buttons have been moved to the bottom.

  • Added 'Account' setting so users can edit their details and customize their notifications directly from the app.

*Please reach out to our team, via the in-app Support Chat feature, should you have immediate question on where to locate previous items.

 Project Mobile UI

Mobile UI Account set

Coming Soon:

  • Unit Size Calculation in RFQ

    • Supplier Response

    • View Bids

    • Creating a PO from the RFQ with Unit Size

  • Further UI Enhancements

    • PO Drawer

  • Labor Log Enhancement

    • 'Labor' Cost Type Differentiation