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What's New in StructShare? December 2023

  • Warehouse: Auto-Add Items
  • Order Creation: PO Card Menu
  • Order Creation: Jobsite Contact
  • RFQ: Close Bid
  • Reporting: Favorited Views
  • All Line Items: Tax
  • All Line Items: Invoice
  • Project Budget: BoM, Sort 'Estimated Quantity'
  • Project Settings: Import Phases
  • Business Information: Suite #
  • System Settings: PDF Columns
  • Financial Data: Cost Types
  • Financial Data: ERP Integrations
  • Procore: ERP Synced PO Edits

New Features

Warehouse: Auto-Add Items

Empower your field teams to request items from the warehouse, even if a warehouse item record does not yet exist! This new feature gives a notice that the item does not yet exist in the associated warehouse, and then adds a warehouse item record so that it can be tracked as inventory on future orders.

Order Creation: PO Card Menu
Previously the PO card options were hidden by the delivery status meaning you had to exit the delivery status in order to take actions on the PO. We moved all PO actions to a dropdown that can be accessed by clicking on the three dots at the top right of the PO card.

Additionally, the chat icon now lives at the top of the PO card.
 PO actions-1-1
chat po card
Order Creation: Jobsite Contact
When you create a PO, you can assign a jobsite contact in the PO checkout screen. This field was not previously searchable or organized alphabetically making it difficult to find the contact or needing to copy and paste the information into this field. The 'Jobsite Contact' field is now organized alphabetically (by first name) and searchable so you can easily search for the contact you need to assign to the PO.
jobsite contact
RFQ: Close Bid
In the past there was not an intuitive way to close out an RFQ when a PO was not generated. You can now choose to 'Close Bids' on an open RFQ so that the RFQ moves from the 'Open Activities/Home Screen' to 'Order History'. You can do this by navigating to the three dots on the top right hand side of the RFQ screen. When this option is selected, you will have the option to notify suppliers that the bid is now closed and the RFQ will move to the 'Order History' under the 'RFQs' tab.


close bid


Reporting: Favorited Views

We added a star icon on the top right hand side of the 'All Line Items' and 'Project Line Items' screen that allows you to create favorited views based on the data you pull consistently. Once the view is created, it will be available as an option on the left hand side so that the next time you need to see this same information, you can quickly select the view.


save view projec line items


All Line Items: Tax

We made some adjustments to the 'All Line Items' screen. The 'PO Tax' column is the PO tax value based on the currency symbol selected in 'System Settings'. The 'PO Total' column is the committed cost including the tax. The 'Total Tax' column now reads as 'Item Tax' and this will show the tax per line item even when Aggregating by PO. This data is all available to export!


PO Tax


All Line Items: Invoice

You can now right click on the Invoice # from the 'All Line Items' screen to open the invoice in a new tab instead of clicking on the Invoice # which previously took you out of the 'All Line Items' screen and into the 'Invoices' screen.

 Invoice new screen


Project Budget: BoM, Sort 'Estimated Quantity'

We added the ability to sort the 'Estimated QTY' column by clicking on the column header which will organize the BoM list based on the quantities in this column.


Estimated Qty



Project Settings: Import Phases

We added the ability to import Project phases similar to how you can import Budget and Catalog Categories. To do this, you can navigate to the Project settings (via the building icon >> 'Settings' tab or navigating to the 'Projects Information' found under the gear icon on the top right >> click on the pencil icon next to the project >> click over to the 'Project Settings' tab. The import currently accepts a CSV file. Please reach out to StructShare Support should you need assistance with your upload.



Business Information: Suite #

Previously if you had a Suite # in your address in the System Settings >> Business Information tab, this would not show on the PO PDF that is sent to suppliers. You will now see this information displayed.

suite no

System Settings: PDF Columns

We added 'UPC' as an option for the PDF Columns that will display on the PO PDF. This can be managed by going to Company Account Settings (gear icon) >> System Settings >> Manage PDF Columns.


PDF column UPC


Financial Data: Cost Types

 In the past, StructShare was only able to sync 'Material' Cost Types on POs. We know this caused an issue for all users who were using "Other" Cost Types such as 'Labor'. You now have the ability to sync "Other" Cost Types to Procore and other ERP integrated accounts. The 'Cost Types' associated with the Project will be automatically synced during import. Once the Project has been imported, the 'Cost Types' will be visible in 'Company Account Settings' >> 'System Settings' >> 'Manage Budget Categories' and in the 'Accounting System' tab.

We currently support Cost Type integration with Procore, Sage 300 CRE, Viewpoint Spectrum, Vista, Foundation and Sage Intacct.


cost types

pinnacle electric-HVAC-cs-thumbnail-736x500 (5)


Financial Data: ERP Integrations

We are excited to announce the following ERP integrations:

Easily push Vendors, Jobs, Cost Codes and Cost Types from your ERP to StructShare and send PO (including change orders) and Invoice data from StructShare to your ERP. These integrations do come at an additional cost and are well worth the investment! If you have questions, follow the link above and reach out to your Customer Success Manager to schedule a call to discuss. We look forward to helping you simplify your process and enhance your data accuracy.


Procore: ERP Synced PO Edits

We added a new pop-up message that will display on all POs that have been ERP Synced via Procore to ensure your team is aware that edits will not push through from StructShare >> Procore >> ERP. The message will appear when an attempt to edit a PO takes place on POs that have Procore integrated Projects and Suppliers, and have been sent and synced to your ERP.

Additionally, we adjusted the wording of other Procore related pop-ups when the data is not syncing so you can easily identify the issue, fix it, and sync the data to Procore.

PO Edits