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What's New in StructShare? September 2023

  • Upload Quote on Behalf of Suppliers
  • Notes Per Line on RFQ
  • Items Database: Add Internal/External Note in Import
  • Default Delivery to Warehouse
  • Date Format Update
  • User 'Role' Required and Importable
  • Total Invoiced Approval Indication
  • Export Flow and Invoice Approval Settings
  • Export Billed Quantities to QuickBooks
  • Old Invoice Flow
  • Sync POs to Procore in 'Draft' Status
  • Invoice PDF in Procore
New Features

Upload Quote on Behalf of Suppliers
You now have the ability to upload a quote document and add line by line pricing on behalf of your suppliers. We know that you can't force your suppliers to submit their quote through StructShare. This enhancement allows you to upload a quote document and input line by line pricing so that you are able to view and compare your bids in the RFQ screen. Please note that an attachment needs to be uploaded in order to add line by line pricing.
upload rfq on behalf of sup
Notes Per Line on RFQ
Your suppliers can now add a note and indicate lead time per line item on an RFQ. The note is visible when you 'View Bids' to compare pricing. Simply hover over the paper icon to view the lead time and any additional notes added by the supplier.
leadtime sup view
Items Database: Add Internal/External Note in Import
You can now add an 'Internal Note' and/or and 'External Note' to the 'Items Database' during import. You will see the columns visible in the 'Items Database' screen and as an option in the import screen. There are character limits for both fields (Internal Note, 100 and External Note, 50) and there will be an error message that populates at the bottom of the import screen if the notes field exceeds the limit.
note items DB-1
character limit
Default Delivery to Warehouse
You now have the option to automatically ship POs to a 'Warehouse'. In 'System Settings', you will see 'Default Delivery Address' and a dropdown that will include all 'Warehouses' set up. When you select a 'Warehouse' and 'Save Changes', all future POs will default to ship to the selected Warehouse vs. the project. This can still be adjusted in the checkout screen when creating a PO.

default delivery warehouse


default in checkout


Date Format Update

You now have the ability to choose either 'US' or 'Europe' as the Date/Time format in 'System Settings'. 'US' will display the date and time as it has been doing prior to the release, MM/DD/YYYY. The 'Europe' option will display the date as DD/MM/YYYY. This can be set and managed in 'System Settings' and will apply to all areas where a date is visible in StructShare as soon as the setting is changed and saved.

Choose Date Time Format-1


User 'Role' Required and Importable

We recently added 'Role' as a required selection when adding a new user. A 'Role' column is now visible in the 'Users & Permissions' and this field is also importable when uploading a list of users. If you do not select the role when adding a new user, you will now see 'Required' in red to notify you that this field needs to be selected before you can save changes.

role required


Total Invoiced Approval Indication

You can hover over the 'Total Invoiced' on a PO and see all invoices that have been matched to a PO. You now have the ability to see which invoices have been matched vs. approved and are a part of the invoice total calculation. The 'Green' indication means matched and approved and the 'Red' indication means the invoice has only been matched to the PO and is awaiting approval.

invoice approve vs. match new-1


Export Flow and Invoice Approval Settings

We added two new settings in 'System Settings' relating to invoicing:

  1. Approve the parsed/manually entered total amount with billed quantities' - This enhancement will support customers who are creating POs without pricing on line items and are matching the POs to an invoice and exporting the invoice totals into QuickBooks.

  2. Invoice totals by cost codes in the items tab' - This enhancement will enable customers who are using the ‘Items’ tab on QuickBook and inputting the Cost Code as an item with a price associated for each Cost Code on an invoice. This will solve for customers that have POs without pricing on line items which prevents them from being able to use the ‘Invoice Matched PO Line items Cost Codes’ export flow. This enhancement will allow customers to break down the total of the invoice into different Cost Codes and populate this on the 'Items' tab (instead of the 'Expenses' tab) on QuickBooks.

invoice setting new nif


Export Billed Quantities to QuickBooks

You now have the ability to export partially billed quantities to QuickBooks. If you have one of the below 'Export Flow' options chosen in 'System Settings', once you 'Approve' the billed quantities in the 'Invoices' screen, you will be able to partially export the billed quantities in the IIF file.


export to QB release


Old Invoice Flow

When we released the new invoice approval flow, this interrupted the workflow for some of our customers. For that reason, we have brought back the old invoice approval flow. This can be set up by navigating to the gear icon, clicking on 'System Settings' and choosing the 'Approve parsed/manually entered invoices without billed quantities' option. Once this option is chosen, you can continue to approve invoices as you had done in the past.

approve billed


Sync POs to Procore in 'Draft' Status

You now have the ability to sync POs over to Procore in 'Draft' Status. This setting can be activated in 'System Settings' and will apply to all POs moving forward. This feature is beneficial for customers who are integrated with ERPs that push POs in an 'Approved' status as well as customers utilizing 'Workflows' in Procore. If you have questions on how this might benefit you, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to schedule a call!

PO draft Status


Invoice PDF in Procore

When you create a PO in StructShare, the PO will automatically sync to Procore for Procore integrated customers. When you view the commitment in Procore, there is a link to the PO that takes you back to StructShare to view the PO. You can now view the physical invoice PDF in Procore when you sync invoices to Procore. The invoice will be visible in the 'Attachments' section which can be found by clicking into the Purchase Order, clicking on the 'Invoices' tab and then clicking on one of the invoice numbers.

Invoice Attch Procore