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New Features

Supplier Communication: Order Details

Previously when you sent an Order or RFQ through StructShare, the detailed line items only existed on the first email. If there was a message sent about the PO after it was generated, you did not see the same summary. We added the PO summary to all supplier communication.

 email msg to sup
Supplier Catalog: Image URL
Attaching item images to the lists your team orders from mitigates order errors and provides for a more aesthetic system feel. You now have the ability to not only add a one off item to the 'Supplier Catalog' with an image URL but you can also import a list of items as well as edit the image URL should you need to.
edit supplier url
Supplier Catalog: Last Price
We updated the way the system recognizes and saves the 'Last Price' for items that exist in your 'Supplier Catalog' and are referenced to an item in your 'Items Database'. From now on, the 'Last Price' will automatically be updated as a new price is detected.
last price
RFQ: Order Status
We adjusted the verbiage on the RFQ to better align with the RFQ status. When an RFQ is sent, you will now see 'Sent' on the far right. When a supplier submits their quote for an RFQ, you will see 'Quoted' followed by the amount of suppliers that have submitted their quote. Additionally, you can now track the status of your items in the 'RFQ' tab of the 'All Line Items' screen.


rfq status

rfq all line item status


Order Creation: Send a Copy

You now have the ability to see who was chosen to 'Send a Copy' to in the order checkout screen and if you Edit a PO and proceed to details. If you have copied more than 4 contacts, you can hover over the number and see the other names that were sent the order.


Send a Copy To


Delivery Confirmation: UI Enhancement

We updated the user experience when confirming delivery of an order. When you select to add a 'Delivery Note' this will open a separate box to type in any delivery notes. Additionally, if you have the signature required for delivery, this will also pop up in a separate box after entering the delivered quantities.


deliveyr note


Invoicing: Search & Filter by Phase

Our users who utilize the BoM, particularly for project phases, often need to order the same item multiple times for different phases of the job. When the accounting team needs to approve the invoice, they face difficulty in distinguishing between all the items with the same name. You now have the ability to filter the Invoice Approval Drawer by project Phase. You can apply multiple phases and compare the items in the phase with the delivery confirmation prior to invoice approval.

 invoice filter by [hase


All Line Items: Item Code

We added the 'Item Code' field to the 'All Line Items' and project level 'Line Items' screen. The column can be added/removed via the column preferences and saved for future views. Please note that if you edit the 'Item Code' of an item in the 'Items Database', the information shown in these screens will reflect the 'Item Code' based on when the order was created. Additionally, the item needs to be selected from the 'Company level material list.


item code in all line