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What's New in StructShare? July 2024

We are continually striving to provide you with the best tools to ace your procurement and material management needs. We are excited to announce our latest releases that will empower you to improve processes, standardize workflows, and maximize efficiency.

StructShare is a purpose-built and customer-focused company and we are thrilled to be on this journey with you!

New Features:

Settings: Projects View - We made a change to the 'Projects' dropdown and replaced the 'Projects' drawer with a dedicated 'Projects' view. You will no longer see 'Projects Information' in the 'Settings' view and a user with 'Admin' permissions (System, Invoices, or Project Admin) has access to the 'Projects' view where they can add new Projects, make updates to existing Project settings and access the project Budget, Quantities, Line Items, and BoM screens.

You will see some new information displayed in the columns, some of this information was previously displayed in the old 'Projects' dropdown. All columns will be displayed by default and if a user makes changes to the column preferences, this will be saved for future logins. The available column preferences are:

  • Job Number
  • Project Name
  • Project Address
  • Delivery Progress bar
  • Total Budget - from the Project 'Budget' table
  • Accounting Reference
  • Contact Name [Jobsite Contact]
  • Users - Internal employees who have this Project checked in their 'Users & Permissions'
  • Contact Phone Number [Jobsite Contact]
  • Active - unchecked for Projects marked as 'Not Active'
  • Warehouses - This 'Project' is a 'Warehouse'

ProjectsBudgetProject Phases  - When you click the pencil icon next to any Project, and click on the 'Project Phases' tab, we added a scroll so you can easily scroll through all Project Phases, make adjustments or delete.

projectphases scroll

Project Permissions - We added the ability to add users and assign their permissions at the Project level in 'Project Settings'. You still have the ability to adjust the user permissions in the 'Users & Permissions' Settings and assign the default permission levels that will automatically apply to new projects added.

  • To edit permissions at the Project level, click 'Projects' >> click on the pencil icon next to the 'Project' you wish to adjust >> click on 'Permissions'. If you click on the blue 'Project Name', you can click on 'Settings' and then 'Permissions'.
  • The 'Permissions' will automatically show a list of users (alphabetically by first name) that have access to the Project and their current permissions granted. You can easily make adjustments and 'Update Project' or 'Discard Changes' to reset to the previous permissions.

  • You can filter the Project Permissions by 'All Users' or 'Project Users' (the default) and the 'Search' will allow you to search for users based on the filter applied.
  • We also updated the 'Permissions Per User' column headers and the verbiage when you hover over each column:
    • View & Request- View Project activities
    • Approve Order- Approve Orders/RFQs & send to the office for submission
    • Send Order- Submit Orders and RFQs. When not checked, approval will be required.
    • Invite Users- Edit user's information and invite other users
    • Notifications- Receive notifications on activities and chat messages
    • External Chat- View and send messages to Suppliers and access quotes.

Order Flow: 'Rental Order' Action - When we released the 'Rental Order, Beta' you were unable to change the 'Action' (Order Type) in the checkout screen once the 'Rental Order, Beta' was selected. You are now able to change the order type (Action), during checkout including if you create a 'Rental Order, Beta' and want to change it to another type of order. Because of the way that the 'Rental Order, Beta' functions, you will see a popup displayed that notifies you of the change and the loss of 'Rental Days' and 'Price Per Day' fields.

We also disabled the 'Free Text' during the new Rental Order flow. If you need a refresher on the new Rental Order, you can follow this link to our support article.

Invoices: UI Updates - We made some small changes to the 'Invoices' screen including:

  • Auto Refresh when approving/un-approving an Invoice- StructShare will refresh the PO on the right hand side (Total Invoiced) when an Invoice is approved or unapproved against a PO.
  • The 'Paid' and 'Reviewed' checkboxes now exist on the same line
  • 'View Invoice' now reads 'Billed Quantities'. If you close the billed quantities screen to view the PO, you can click on 'Billed Quantities' on the left to bring back the 'Billed Quantities' approval view.
  • Invoice Status- The status of the invoice will show below the invoice number and auto-update once the Invoice status changes.
    • New = Blue
    • Rejected = Purple
    • Approved = Orange
    • Recorded = Green
    • Deleted = Red
  • We replaced the 'Help' icon with 3 dots. When you click on the 3 dots menu you can access 'Help' which will bring you to our Support Library, or 'Delete' the invoice.

Invoice UI Updates

  • We added a 'Duplication' column to the 'Invoices' screen in the 'Table View' so you can quickly at a glance see any duplicate invoices vs. hovering over the 'Insights'. Additionally, if you need to delete one or more duplicates, you can select the checkbox on the left hand side and select 'Delete'.


Order Creation: BoM Price - The BoM is a document that outlines all the material required for a Project along with the 'Estimated Cost'. Users can divide the BoM by 'Phase' and add the 'Estimated Quantities' and 'Price' for each item, by 'Phase'. Users can view their Project 'Budget' and compare the actual prices paid for each item in each 'Phase' to the estimated 'Prices' from the BoM. When you create a PO from the Project BoM, it will pull the  BoM 'Price' into the PO. If you update the 'Price' of an item during order creation, or edit the PO after order creation, this will no longer update the item price in the BoM. Your BoM will be the source of truth to compare your 'Estimated' vs. 'Actual' costs.



System Settings: Default General Notes - You now have the option to add a 'Default General Note' on all order types that will be included on the email communication and PDFs that your supplier receives regardless of Project. When you enable the new setting, 'Default General Notes', the text added to this field will automatically populate in the 'General Notes' section of all order communication and PDFs. The character limit for the 'General Note' is 300 and can be added in addition to a Project specific note added via 'Project Settings'. Please note that when you add the 'Default General Notes', you need to click on 'Update' and then scroll down to 'Save Changes'.

A common use case for 'Default General Notes' includes standard Terms & Conditions added to all Purchase Orders.

Tax-Exempt Projects - When you mark a project as 'Tax-Exempt', the 'This PO is for a tax-exempt project' verbiage appears in the 'General Note' field. This will continue to override the 'Default General Notes' for the time being.


General Notes

Order Creation: Rounding Prices and Totals - We updated the way that the numbers are rounded and the amount of decimal places shown, throughout StructShare.

  • The 'Total Price' will be rounded, and limited to, 2 decimal places
  • StructShare will show 0-4 decimal places for 'Unit Price' and the 'Unit Price' will be rounded up to 4 decimal places based on what the user enters or what is pulled from a Catalog 'Price'.
  • When changing the 'Unit Price', the 'Total Price' recalculates. When auto-calculating the 'Unit Price' after a change in the 'Total Price', the 'Unit Price' will be rounded up to 4 decimal places after calculation.
  • The 'Items Total' will be rounded to 2 decimal places only after calculating the sum - 'Unit Price' x 'Quantity'.
    • The 'Items Total (sum of all items) will round to 2 decimal places after calculation.
  • Tax will be rounded to 2 decimal places after calculating the [X] percent of the 'Items Total'.
  • The 'Total Amount' will be rounded to 2 decimal places after calculating the sum of the 'Tax' and 'Items Total'.

Rules for Calculation:

  • When changing the 'Unit Price', the 'Total Price' recalculates.
  • When changing the 'Total Price', the 'Unit Price' recalculates
  • When changing the 'Quantity', the 'Total Price' recalculates.
  • The 'Quantity per Unit' cannot be changed but still affects the calculation when present.
  • If there is a 'Price By Unit' for the item, the calculation is 'Quantity' x 'Unit Price' x 'QTY per Unit' = 'Total Price'.

Please note that during this update, it converted the 'Quantity' field in the 'Free Text' to a decimal. This has since been removed.

Decimal Video

Order and RFQ: Data Enrichment and UI Updates: If you haven't noticed already, we made some UI changes to the card view in the 'Orders' and 'History' screens on the desktop. Due to space restrictions, we did not make these updates to the mobile application.

  • You will now see an 'Amount' box (based on permissions) within the card on 'Open Orders' and 'Rentals' which shows the order 'Total Amount' and the 'Remaining Balance' based on the paid amount of associated invoices.


  • Deliveries
    • Partially Received- When you click into the PO and expand the line item, the tag will appear in orange and the text will include the number received out of the total number ordered.
    • Fully Received- When you click into the PO and expand the line item, the text will include the received number out of the total number ordered and when equal, will appear in green.
    • Based on the delivery method selected during order creation, you will see the blue truck icon for 'Delivery' and the purple shopping bag icon for 'Pickup'.

Delivery Method icon

  • We moved the ERP sync indicator icon to the card view so you can quickly scroll through your orders and see if any did not sync successfully. The colors indicate the sync status, same as before:
    • Green = Synced Successfully
    • Yellow= Syncing in Progress
    • Red= Sync was Unsuccessful
  • A blue border will appear around any card with "unread" notifications or communication. Once the card is clicked on, the border will disappear.
  • The RFQ card will show the response rate (number of quotes received based on the number of suppliers the quote was sent to) and the amount of days that has passed since the RFQ was sent.


Catalogs: Items DB, 'Tax Code' - If you are using 'Tax Codes per Line Item' (checked via 'System Settings'), you can now edit the 'Tax Code' on line items in the 'Items Database.' Simply click the pencil icon next to the line item, select the applicable tax code from the dropdown and click on the floppy disk icon to save your changes.



Settings: Accounting, Cost Codes - We made it easier for you to view your active 'Cost Codes' in the 'Accounting System' settings by adding a 'Do not show hidden cost codes' check box that when selected, will hide all hidden cost codes.


Order Flow: Approve without a Quote - The 'Approve without a Quote' feature indicates that a contractor is submitting an order without including prices or related quotes. We replaced the checkbox with a notification at the bottom that reads: Approval of this PO acknowledges submission without prices and/or related quotes if the order does not contain them. This will display on all order types.

approve w-o quote

Line Items: ERP Title and Project Status - We added an 'ERP Title' column to the 'Line Items' and the 'Project, Line Items' screen. To show the 'ERP Title' column in the 'Line Items' screens, you need to 'Aggregate by PO', first and the column will automatically be checked once you 'Aggregate by PO #'.


Project Status - We added a 'Project Status' filter in the 'Line Items' screen that will allow you to filter by Active and/or Inactive Projects. Please note that this dropdown will default to 'All' meaning the 'Line Items' screen will show data for both 'Active' and 'Inactive' Projects if you do not apply a filter.

Project Status

Reporting: StructShare Analytics - In case you missed the communication last month, Analytics is now live in all customer accounts. Here is a link to our support article to learn more and watch a quick video!

SS Analytics

New PO View - If you are already enjoying the new PO view currently in Beta, we made some updates to improve your experience. These changes include:

  • Indication when 'Saving' a PO, uploading a file or making additional edits and additional changes disabled until complete.
  • Improved search when editing a PO.
  • Delivery confirmation included in the 'History' tab.
  • Improvements to the ERP sync button.
  • Total price rounding for new PO drawer added.
  • Tax Code Per Line Improvements.
  • When you click on a line item to expand and then click on the paperclip icon to add an attachment, the line will stay expanded.
  • If 'Qty Per Unit' is relevant, this will show during the order flow.

Interested in joining the Beta? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager today!

New PO View

Coming Soon: 

  • New PO View: Updates for Beta Customers and Release to All Customers
  • Reporting: Warehouse Analytics
  • Continued Stability and Performance Upgrades