The Built with Billd Podcast Recap
April 28, 2021

The Built with Billd Podcast Recap  

The Billd team was happy to have Or Lakritz, Co-Founder and Chief Product and Strategy Officer of StructShare, appear on the February 9th episode of the Built With Billd podcast, Robbie Reynolds (Billd’s Director of Business Development) to discuss his background, how he came to help start StructShare, and his thoughts on innovation. 

To listen to the episode use this link (click here).  

How did StructShare get started?

Or shared his background story from serving in the Special Forces for Israel, his skills at problem-solving, and his studies in Psychology and Computer Science. He studied Psychology to help develop his problem-solving skills, learn how to ask better questions to solve problems, and how to apply what you have learned into coding a better software option. Then he did some work for a consulting group working with a few early stage startups. Then he got the Entrepreneurial bug to start up a company. After he met and talked Arik Davidi then soon came up with the idea to found StructShare.

Arik Davidi has worked in the construction industry for many years. He knew what the ain was like to make requests for materials from the field and to process in the office. The partnership between Arik and Or combines the skillset and knowledge of two different professionals looking to help make an impact on the construction industry. 

What is StructShare?

What Arik and Or identified as a problem in the construction industry was the status quo of material purchasing. They had a vision for how to digitize the process and create a web based platform to store purchasing data to analyze in various ways.

StructShare is a digital purchasing and material management platform designed for Specialty Trade Contractors and Self Performing General Contractors. According to Or, “we are centralizing all of the manual purchasing workflows into a single super easy app that connects the field, office and vendors and automates the entire cycle.” 

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