StructShare Launches Deep Procore Integration to Support Subcontractors

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Product integration will enhance purchasing and material management for trade contractors and self-performing general contractors.

NEW YORK, TEL AVIV (MAY 10, 2021) | StructShare, the leading provider of purchasing and material management software, today announced an integration with Procore, a leading provider of construction management software. The StructShare integration with Procore will  enhance efficiency for specialty trades and self-performing general contractors.

At the core of the trade construction business, procurement and materials management play a crucial role in completing projects on time, on budget, and within compliance. The current manual practices are ripe with errors while missing data critical to accurate project management.

The StructShare integration with Procore is a natural fit for the trade construction ecosystem, streamlining and automating the entire material management cycle from field purchasing, office PO, and invoice approvals to real-time costs data being accurate in project management. The integration will connect StructShare's trade-designed solution to Procore, providing users an automatic sync of POs, invoices, and updates to Project Financials and their budget in Procore.

"StructShare aligns the critical materials procurement process with the needs of the field and the office, and their integration with Procore will enable our mutual users to be more efficient in their purchasing."

Eric Tucker, Business Development Manager at Procore

Headquartered in New York/Tel Aviv, StructShare’s mission is to enable subcontractors to transition into efficient material purchasing and management easily. StructShare replaces the error-prone and manual-based purchasing workflows with a fully digital solution designed specifically for trade contractors. 

"The alignment with Procore's vision is natural, and we believe this partnership will continue the acceleration of digital efficiency for the specialty trade market and dramatically increase Procore's customers' efficiency and profitability." 

Arik Davidi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at StructShare


After introducing a 1-click StructShare onboarding earlier this year, the two companies are launching a fully automated purchasing workflow to allow Procore users to auto-sync POs and invoices --removing 100% manual entry, preventing errors, and providing full drill-down to line-item costs and insights, as well as material issues, and inventory.

"In the past few years, we worked closely with our customers and industry partners to provide the most comprehensive and seamless solution to address one of the biggest hurdles of specialty trade contractors – purchasing and material management; the synergy with Procore's solution is perfect." 

Or Lakritz, Founder and Chief Product Officer at StructShare


StructShare's Q1 customer satisfaction survey reports the platform dramatically saves users time and money with 100% of field adoption within few weeks of set up. Other highlights include:

  • Saving foreman 10 hours a month on-field requisition and delivery confirmations. 
  • Reducing 70% manual office entry associated with purchasing, PO processing, and invoice recording. 
  • Providing real-time visibility to prevent errors, delays, improves response rate, and quickly identifies and resolves disputes.
  • Providing an accurate line-item breakdown of project costs, inventory, and business expenses.


About StructShare | Founded in New York/Tel Aviv | Materials are the backbone of every construction job, and that's where Structure works. The founders brought 40 years of deep construction expertise to helping trade contractors easily transition into efficient material purchasing and management operations software for the field, office, and supplier. StructShare's easy-to-use, affordable, field-ready platform replaces manual, error-prone processes with one-click ordering, reviews, approvals, and accounting integration with a few clicks. StructShare is disrupting the current narrative for subcontractor material management and purchasing. To learn more, visit and the Procore App Marketplace.

Tyler Riddell 
Peritus Marketing, on Behalf of StructShare 
C. 951-297-8789

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